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My guy puts his friends before me

t’s sometimes a subject of contention in the couple, you like it, but you say to yourself “my guy puts his friends before me”? You are afraid to tell him. But ladies this is not a drama!! You like it right? Here are some tips to apply if your guy puts his friends before you (or, at least, if you feel like it!)

Apply the ZEN attitude (My guy puts his friends before me)

Your darling spends time with his friends! OK! But you love him, so you have to put it into perspective, he also loves you don’t worry about that! Take it upon yourself, give him time with his friends. Show him that you trust him. And yes ladies, he also has the right to his moments of freedom 

Let him understand that you exist

It’s late, he’s still not home, or he’s constantly sending messages to his friends. You have the impression that he is abandoning you, that he no longer loves you. SHOW HIM that you exist too. And if necessary, take out the lethal weapons (no, don’t shout!). (My guy puts his friends before me)


Put yourself in a small outfit, very sexy and tell her “good and well, as you prefer your friends, I’m going to bed” with a little naughty smile 

All couples who last have this same thing in common

And why not have parties with your friends?

He’s your guy no! You love him as he loves you. Make concessions. Offer him an example an evening with him and his friends. Even if you don’t like his buddies “too alcoholic” “too trendy girls” “too geeks”. After all it’s just an evening, and then it will necessarily please your darling.

Get out too! (My guy puts his friends before me)

Why not also go out on your side with your friends. It is also a solution and a good way to trust each other. This allows you to enjoy without “really” thinking about it. You give each other time on your own with your respective friends.

In addition, going out on your side will also create the lack in him and you will both be very happy to find each other again. 


Surprise him (My guy puts his friends before me)

Men also like to be surprised. This is the time to show him that you care about him. Take out the little “crazy” side that lies dormant in you. He loves role-playing games, your sexy outfits, it’s time to put them on! And then who knows, maybe your guy will abandon his buddies a little. I tested

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Organize time together, just the two of you!

Offer him outings. Organize yourself to have, for example, one evening a week just for the two of you. This is essential in a couple. A restaurant, a meal at home, a movie night, a moment of cuddles. It is also an opportunity to meet up and talk to him about your anxieties. (My guy puts his friends before me)

Couple therapy

It is sometimes complicated to establish dialogue, however, communication in the couple is essential! So why not let yourself be tempted by couples therapy? This is obviously a decision that must be taken jointly, but sometimes a third person is necessary to re-establish contact within the couple.

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