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My man doesn’t want to live with me: what to do?



My man doesn't want to live with me

My man doesn’t want to live with me

We all have a vision of the ideal couple. Often our dreams of little girls suggest that a couple is a union between a man and a woman who lived happily and had many children. But our chimeras come up against a reality that undermines our imagination and shatters our dreams on the cobblestones of disappointment. My man doesn’t want to live with me: What to do? In this article I will give you the two possible options . Knowing that the best decision will always be to respect yourself and be in agreement with yourself.


What should I do when my man doesn’t want to live with me and I accept the situation?

You can accept the situation and live this decision the best in the world. If and only if it is also your choice! It is inconceivable to ignore your desires to keep a lover. The only way to flourish in life is to be in tune with your deepest convictions. Love is not a unilateral decision, but the fruit of a deliberate and assumed consensus. It will therefore have to be discussed, debated and come to a joint decision. You will have to understand the convictions that animate your man in order to be at peace with his decision.


Not living together can keep some mystery. When you go to see it, it will always be a special moment. You are going to ignore a daily life that often turns into monotony. This makes it possible to always be in seduction and to surprise the other at every moment. But not living together is also accepting that the other can do things without us. We do not know everything and we must accept this part of the mystery, which requires confidence in ourselves and in the other. I also invite you to read our article that lists the 9 signs that prove that you are ready to live together.

What to do when my man doesn’t want to live with me and I don’t accept the situation

You have the right not to accept the situation. A couple must provide you with the support and security you deserve. If not living with your man brings you sadness and frustration, then you must say’ no’ . In love, we must never abdicate our desires! Never say to life: OK I accept to be less happy…. Happiness is a right and a due! You have the right to say “no”, you have the right to say “stop”: respect yourself! True love reaches out to you.

Either, you decide to break.

In this case it will be necessary to be strong because your decision must be assumed 100%. If your ex comes back to you after a few weeks, you will have to be firm and not come back to him. You have the right to live your dream as a princess! A good man in any respect will be waiting for you! Open your arms to love and encounters to be surprised by life. What to do when my man doesn’t want to live with me? Say goodbye to him and move towards your destiny.

Either you find a compromise.

You can accept the situation “for a while.” Your man may need his freedom and his desire for independence hinders him from living with you. You will have to be patient and accept that your partner needs time and maturation to change.


In conclusion,

In love, there is only one rule: respect yourself! Too many people tend to ignore their desires. Feeling loved is the strongest and noblest feeling there is! What to do when my man doesn’t want to live with me? Be sure that living a love story must bring added value to your existence: it must help you improve. If it’s to have more sadness than happiness, it’s not worth it!

Time passes very quickly, that’s why we must not waste time in a destructive and meaningless relationship. You are the most important person in your life: you must respect yourself. Learn to love yourself more than anyone else and you will attract loving and respectful people to you.

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