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My man talks with other women

Your man chats with other women on his phone, via social media, maybe in the evening too, and you’re lost. You ask yourself questions about his motives and sincerity, about his loyalty obviously, you suffer, and jealousy takes over. That’s the way it goes. You can hardly bear, or not at all, that your man pays so much attention to women other than you. Only too many things are jostling in your head to know how you should react. My man talks with other women: what to do? Here are some answers depending on your situation.


My man talks with other women: what to do?

Why does he do that?

Before you even know how to react to this situation, ask yourself what motivates him to behave in this way. Is this recent? Is he hiding it? Is this how it works? Has something changed in your relationship recently?


Based on this clarification of the situation you are experiencing, you will be better able to understand what is happening and thus know how to react.

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he need to seduce

It is not the idea or the search for infidelity that drives him, but the need, almost visceral, to ensure that he is always in full capacity of his means of seducer. He needs to prove to himself that he likes it.

Insure your back

If he lacks confidence in you or in your relationship, this need can be explained by the fact that he keeps a way out somehow. He wants to show you that he will have no trouble replacing you if you were to leave him. It is a reaction of both ego and fear.

A childish game

In another context, it can simply be a game between him and his friends, each reporting his own manhood, thus showing others that he does not let himself be controlled in his relationship and that he keeps his free will to do what he wants to do without you having your say. The purpose of this behavior is to maintain his male credibility based on virility.


My man chats with other women to flatter his ego

It is in the eyes of other women that he feels reassured and flattered. Through these games, it means to you that you can be flattered to be with him, while others would be delighted to be in your place. But then the situation turns to emotional blackmail.

Test yourself

Perhaps it is his way of stirling up your jealousy so that you show him that you really care about him. It was just a game to test you and your feelings.

I don't know if I really like it: What should I do?

Forget your couple problems

Are you going through a bad time? Arguments, decrease in desire in your couple, daily life that eats everything? You can no longer maintain the flame between you? To meet you or talk to you without screaming? Take stock of your relationship, it may be to find comfort elsewhere that they talk to other women.

By infidelity

In the midst of all these reasons, it is unfortunately necessary to keep in mind that your man is perhaps an unfaithful man who dredges elsewhere and seeks new conquests through it, before taking the step of physical infidelity.


My man talks with other women: one or more?

Emotional infidelity

This type of behavior is akin to emotional infidelity. Your partner apparently does not deceive you physically, but he maintains with another woman or several, a bond of seduction and virtual and emotional complicity. It’s up to you to know how this bond was born, whether it has one woman or several and what they talk about together.

If imagining your man complimenting many other women and writing to them is already painful, considering a real emotional infidelity with only one other woman is more dangerous for your couple. Because it means that he has a bond with her that he does not have or no longer has with you. And that it could go further.

Does your partner go further?

If his game of seduction goes beyond simple virtual exchanges, you will have to think seriously, because he is no longer within the limits of the respect he must have towards you and your relationship.

It is up to you to see if you condone this type of behavior even before it occurs, because it reveals important elements, or even a lack, within the couple. There may be several responsible sources, such as a desire to spice up existence too rooted in routine or a sudden lack of self-confidence.


Whatever the reason, in the end it is your self-esteem, your self-esteem and your interest that are undermined. Your thinking should lead you to ask yourself if your relationship deserves you to fight to preserve or save it or if, on the contrary, it may not be worth it. Only you have the answer.

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My man talks with other women: what to do?

In such a situation, there are two solutions to save the future of your couple. You close your eyes to the incident and pretend that nothing has happened. It is a strategy like any other that can be effective, but it can also lead to frustration, uncertainty, mistrust and resentment in the long term.

The other solution, healthier according to his actions, is to talk to him, to understand and see if it is forgivable, and make a decision according to your own notion of respect and trust in your couple. It all depends on the cursor at that level in your relationship.

Talk to him about it

Take the lead and tell him that you know what he is doing, that it does not suit you, that you do not understand. Explain that it hurts and scares you. You thus engage in communication with him by putting him in front of his behavior while explaining to him that you are jealous, but above all that it is a lack of respect towards you and your relationship.


Communication is an absolutely essential element within the couple before making any decision. It is not a question of speaking to say nothing, but by communicating, you will stop torturing yourself by asking yourself what he is doing and will not rehash things in vain.

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You need answers. Based on them, it’s up to you to decide what you want to do.

Trust at the centre of everything

One of the primordial and indispensable pillars in a couple is trust. It is a rule that governs the smooth running of a couple, but also its longevity. If this trust breaks down, it will then be very difficult, if not impossible, to restore or restore it. In a couple, trust is a whole. If you see that he lies to you, hides things, or doesn’t take them seriously, that confidence is going to be shaken. There is no point in torturing yourself by scrutinizing all your partner’s actions for weeks or months. After talking to him, it’s up to you to see if he has told you the truth, what exactly it is and if you can keep your trust in him.

My man talks with other women: setting boundaries within your relationship

Communication, trust and respect are the foundations of the couple. Without this, it cannot be built and lasted over time. Love is not everything, we can forgive a lot out of love but we cannot indefinitely let the other hurt us, lie to us, betray us. Hence the importance of setting limits from the outset within your couple. If this has not been done, it must be remedied. What are the rules in your couple in terms of trust, fidelity and infidelity? Where is the jointly set limit? It is by defining together what is tolerable and what is not for both of you that you will be able to react to its behavior.


Do not accept everything for fear of losing it

You like it, that’s a fact. But to accept such actions if they go against your couple rules and the trust you have placed in him so far, it is a bad idea. It is, of course, painful to see that the other person is either lies or hides things, that he is exceeding the limits set. But the fear of losing it should not make you accept everything. We must not do to the other what we would not like him to do to us. Did he think about it, if it were the other way around? Make him face up to his responsibilities.

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My man talks with other women: give him an ultimatum

In doing so, did he exceed the limits set in your relationship? Why does he do that? Depending on its reasons, how you work as a couple, the feelings and the history that binds you, make a firm decision. If his behaviour runs counter to your common values, give him an ultimatum. Either it stops everything, or your tolerance and forgiveness end there. If it has gone too far for you or continues, then breaking up is an option to consider.

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