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New Monster Hunter Wilds Trailer Explores the Vivid World
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Get ready, hunters, because the Capcom gave us a real gift with the preview of Monster Hunter Wilds during the PlayStation State of Play broadcast. They haven't just pulled back the curtain, they've thrown it wide open, revealing a vivid world full of monsters that look straight out of a horror movie.

Who doesn't love a good adventure full of creatures that can turn you into lunch, right?

In the new trailer, we can see a little more of the story, characters and game systems.

And, of course, the new monsters that adapt to their hostile environment, as if they were in an episode of “Survivor: Monsters Edition”. Capcom really paid attention to the details, and the result is an immersive world that changes at every step.


The story: You, the hunter (fully voiced for the first time, look how chic!), join a special team from the Research Commission to investigate the Forbidden Lands. It seems like something Indiana Jones, but with more monsters and fewer boring archaeologists. Joining you are Alma, your Guild-appointed assistant, your partner Palico, and a mysterious child. Who needs a normal group when you have this cast, right?

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The Biomes: The biomes of Monster Hunter Wilds They are a spectacle in themselves. The first area revealed, the Zephyr Plains, is a wildlife paradise, with inhospitable deserts, twisted rock formations, and rolling grasslands. Oh, and we can't forget the monsters. We have the Dalthydonthe monstrous version of a seasonally migrating cow, and the Ceratonoth, which looks like it came out of a post-apocalyptic nightmare with horns that act as lightning rods. That's right, lightning rod!

Gameplay: The gameplay has also evolved with new features. Now, we have the Seikrets, agile mounts that help you traverse the vast environment. They're like those electric scooters, but with more utility and less risk of making you fall flat on your face. They allow you to sharpen weapons, collect materials, and use the slingshot on the move. And there's still the change of weapons in the middle of the hunt, because who has time to go back to base, right?

Weapons and New Systems: All 14 iconic weapons from the series return, evolved with new actions. Additionally, the game features the Focus Mode, which gives more precise control over movements, attacks and defenses. And we have the Sling-Hook, which allows contextual actions and the collection of items from a distance, even mounted on Seikret. Basically, it's like Capcom decided we needed more cool gadgets to play games with.


Bonuses for Veteran Players: The veterans of Monster Hunter: World can look forward to special bonuses when connecting their save data. Sets of armor and weapons for your Pal, because who doesn't love dressing their feline companion in incredible styles? It's like a fashion show in the middle of the hunt.

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And get ready for 2025, because Monster Hunter Wilds is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.


New Monster Hunter Wilds Trailer Explores the Vivid World

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New Monster Hunter Wilds Trailer Explores the Vivid World

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