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Night of the Dead: A Palworld with Zombies
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If you are tired of typical zombie survival games, get ready for a surprise with Night of the Dead.

This game is like Palworld, but with zombies that don't play around and well-made characters. And yes, you will need DirectX 12 to make the graphics look really cool. But let's be honest: at first, things are difficult and bureaucratic, but after the zombies start appearing, everything becomes much more interesting.

In the open world of Night of the Dead, the mission is clear: build a base and fill it with traps to protect yourself. Every 24 hours, a horde of zombies tries to invade your safe corner. And every night, these undead grow stronger. Seeing my traps tear zombies apart was the icing on the cake, making me smile mischievously while watching the show.

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Building and Defending Your Base

In the best survival style, you will go out exploring, collecting materials and improving your arsenal and defenses. Each day that passes, the countdown reminds you that darkness is coming and, with it, a new horde of zombies ready to destroy everything. The feeling of urgency is constant, making you race against the clock to gather as many resources as possible.


Crafting and Traps

The crafting part is robust. From basic equipment to powerful weapons like an assault rifle that I found and made my day. Building multiple crafting stations to turn wood into logs, plant crops, cook food, and upgrade items is essential. The variety of stations and upgrade system ensure you always have something new to do.

But the real fun begins when the horde of zombies arrives. I built a funnel of traps around my base: giant spiked balls, falling spikes, and spinning blades, all positioned to maximize the zombie carnage. As the nights passed, the zombies grew stronger, but adding an automatic ballista to my arsenal helped balance the scales. Seeing the remains of zombies accumulate while collecting loot was extremely satisfying.

Alligator Invasion: The Genius of the Challenge

And, as if the zombies weren't enough, I had the brilliant idea of ​​building my shelter near a river. At first, it seemed like a great idea – fresh water and fish available. But then came the alligator invasion! Yes, in the middle of a calm night, I was surprised by these reptiles determined to turn my shelter into a buffet. Escaping this unexpected situation was desperate, but also brilliant – a touch of extra danger that kept me on my toes.

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Multiplayer and General Experience

While multiplayer is still in development, with the promise of a dedicated server in the future, the game shines as a solo experience. Surprisingly, considering that the development team is made up of few people, I found few bugs and everything ran smoothly.


Translation and Compatibility

Now, an important point: Night of the Dead is not yet available in Brazilian Portuguese. Here's a tip for developers – a translation would be very welcome. Additionally, the game is also not compatible with the Steam Deck, so if you plan to play this way, you may have to wait for future updates.


  • Variety of things to create
  • Solid base building
  • Wide variety of zombie traps
  • Good sized map for exploring
  • Significant amount of content


  • Multiplayer could be better (but they are working on it)
  • Some bugs and glitches
  • Lack of character customization in single player
  • Not available in Brazilian Portuguese
  • Not compatible with Steam Deck

Final Grade: 6/10

Night of the Dead is a zombie game that starts slow but grows on you like a dramatic zombie apocalypse. With solid base building, a diverse crafting system, and fun-to-use traps, the game becomes a rewarding experience as the zombie hordes intensify. There is still a lack of substance, but they are on the right path. If you like zombies and want a game that combines strategy, action and a little sadistic humor, this is the game for you.

Night of the Dead: A Palworld with Zombies

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Night of the Dead: A Palworld with Zombies

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