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Noah Urrea leaves Now United after Any Gabrielly also leaves the group
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After Any Gabrielly announced that Now United's next show in São Paulo will mark her farewell to the pop band. Now it was Noah Urrea's turn to announce that he is also leaving. His last performance will also be at the Brasil show on November 19th in São Paulo.

Although singer Any Gabrielly's position is open, the vacancy left by Noah has already been filled. Singer Zane Carter, who had already been appearing in some publications alongside several members of Now United on social media, has already been confirmed to be the new member of the group.

Zane was also part of the Uniters Bootcamp, made up of the 12 winners of the Camp Now United competition. This means that he is already used to circulating among the other artists in the band.


Zane Carter, the new member of the pop band (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/Zaneecarter)
check the schedule for the second day

In a post on social media, where he announces his departure from the group, Noah talks a little about his experience being part of the group for 5 years. “You The last five years I spent with Now United were the most beautiful experience of my life. I'm so grateful to Simon (Fuller, creator of the project) and his vision for taking us all on this incredibly special journey. I am infinitely grateful to each member of the group, who I am very proud to call my family”he stated and then addressed the fans.

“To the fans who have always been there for me, I couldn't be more grateful to you, I can't wait for you all to join me in this next chapter of my career. Moving forward is never easy, but knowing that Zane will represent our country's flag gives me great pride and joy. I can't wait to see you soon at our biggest show ever in São Paulo. I love you forever.”

Post published by Noah on his social network. Reproduction: Instagram

Despite having a farewell feel, the show in São Paulo will feature the presence of Lamar Morris, a member from the United Kingdom who will make his debut for the Brazilian public, and promises to have great emotions.

The group has already performed several shows in Brazil, including this year in March, however, now celebrating five years of formation, they returned to the country in a unique show to make their first performance in a stadium.


The closing show by Any Gabrielly and Noah Urrea will take place on November 19th, at Allianz Parque, in São Paulo.

Featured photo: After Any Gabrielly left Now United, now it was Noah Urre's turn to announce his departure from the band – Reproduction/Instagram.


Noah Urrea leaves Now United after Any Gabrielly also leaves the group

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Noah Urrea leaves Now United after Any Gabrielly also leaves the group


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