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Nuke Them All: Explosions and Robot Wars
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Get involved, bro! Are you up for a strategy game with red robots against blue robots and lots of explosions? So let me tell you about Nuke Them All.

This game puts you in command of an army of red robots with the simple (or not so simple) objective: destroy the blue base. But, let's face it, the game seems to have come straight from the golden years of Newgrounds and doesn't give you much of a reason to keep playing. Let's check out the details!

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I am the Red Commander… I think

The parade starts with a basic tutorial, where you learn how to gather your troops and fight the blues. But, bro, understanding what each unit does and what the big deal is about having a base is a mystery. The tutorial is really cool, it even has a video with a pretty girl, teaching you exactly what you need to know, but it really seems to have been made for a beginner target audience.


Base Upgrade: What is it for?

The biggest problem is that even when you try to help your army, nothing seems to change. Improving the foundations is a strange process. You double click on the building, get an upgrade, but no one tells you what you got, how much you spent or what the requirements are. It's like you're playing Command & Conquerbut without knowing if that upgrade to your Tiberium Refinery really made any difference.

The Zombie Robots Strategy

Kind of strange AI

And to make matters worse, your troops' AI doesn't help either. The units try to find their way as good as my grandmother's GPS. If there's a fence in the way, you have to direct them carefully, or they'll just stand there and look at the fence, thinking about their lives.

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Nostalgic look?

Visually, the units are ok, but the scenery, well, gives you a mixed feeling. The artist who designed it is very good, the game is cute, very colorful, but on the other hand, apparently everything is done in a different way. non-procedural, that is, it's really a painting, like a Photoshop PNG and you control the units over that. It feels like playing one of those propaganda games from the 2000s, like Armor Games or Newgrounds. If it were released back then, great, but nowadays it seems like a relic unearthed from the internet. In short, the graphics are cute at first glance, but they are extremely simple.

Sandbox Mode: Salvation

At least we have a sandbox mode that is pure fun. You can create your own battles, place teams on both sides, control the weather, aliens and everything else. It's like playing SimCity, but with explosions. The sandbox mode shows that the game still has some salvation.


No Support for Widescreen Monitors?

Another negative point is that the game does not support widescreen monitors. So if you have an ultrawide monitor hoping for an immersive experience, forget it. You'll have those black stripes on the side that remind you of a 90s movie.

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Memories of Z

The game has moments that are a little reminiscent of the classic Z, that strategy game with robots from the 90s. Just like in Z, you control colorful robots and try to dominate enemy territory. But unlike Z's retro charm, Nuke Them All it feels like yet another failed attempt to capture that magic.

Confusion Is Not Gameplay

The developers tried to compensate for the lack of content by filling the screen with information. There's a lot on the maps, but the battles are small and the units die quickly. The maps are unfortunately quite small.

Nuke Them All It's very simple and seems designed for beginners or children to get started in the world of RTS. If that was the developers' intention, great. In all honesty, there are a lot of children who need to learn how to play RTS, they are great games for micromanagement and are fun, like the Command & Conquer series or Starcraft. The tutorial is well done, it shows exactly how to play and even a child will learn how to play. It's as if they took the simplicity of Starcraft and give a light version for the little ones.



  • Painted scenery canvases are very beautiful
  • Fun sandbox mode
  • Accessible tutorial for beginners
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  • Simple graphics, looking like an old flash game
  • Little mechanical innovation or experimentation
  • Does not support widescreen monitors

Final Grade: 6/10

Nuke Them All tries to capture the nostalgia of 90s strategy games, but ends up feeling more like an old flash game. With beautiful but simple graphics, the game leaves something to be desired. Despite an accessible tutorial and a fun sandbox mode, it doesn't offer enough innovation to captivate more experienced players. It's a title that seems more aimed at beginners in the world of RTS. In summary, Nuke Them All It has good intentions, but it doesn't hit the target.

Nuke Them All: Explosions and Robot Wars

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Nuke Them All: Explosions and Robot Wars

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