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Pabllo Vittar takes Batidão Tropical Vol.2 to Maranhão
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This Friday (07), Pabllo Vittar did not fail to honor his state. This is because, from the Northeast, she came up with a cropped top with sleeves in black, white and red, accompanied by a bikini and blue bottoms.

In an interview with Lore Improta before going on stage, Pabllo Vittar reinforced how important it is to perform again at São João da Thay, as a drag queen was at the first edition of the event, but this time she is appearing again to present her new project : Batidão Tropical Vol.2.

Look by Pabllo for São João da Thay (Reproduction/Instagram/@pabllovittar)

Tropical Beat Vol.2

Wearing a blonde lace and the look she wore in the visual presentation video, Pabllo drove the audience crazy with her ballet and opened the show energetically with “To Forget You“, re-recording by Banda Calypso.


Tecnomelody tracks, “Ai, Ai Ai Mega Príncipe”a re-recording of Banda Batidão, a song that stuck like gum in the audience's mouth, and Rubi, from Banda Ravelly, were also part of the artist's presentation.

In addition to these, more hits from the project that brings together hits from the north and northeast also marked the drag show, such as “Lack of Courage“, re-recording of Taty Girl, and “Saint Loves“, by Forró do Muído.

Idiot“, a song composed alongside great composers such as Alice Caymmi, was also part of the repertoire. The tracks “On the Radio Waves“, by Companhia do Calypso, and “Use me“, from Banda Magnificos, were also not left out.

Check it out here:


Pabllo Vittar at São João da Thay (Reproduction/twitter/@good4numanice)

Tropical Beat Vol.1

Some tracks from the first volume of Batidão Tropical, such as “Triste com T”, “Zap Zum”, “Bang Bang” and “A Lua”. She also performed old hits from her career, such as “Amor de Que” and “Disk Me”, which she dedicated especially to fans from Maranhão, who sang the complete song.

The drag queen also sang “KO” at the performance, a track that marked the beginning of her career, and this was the solo song that led her to musical ascension. In addition, she also performed songs such as “Buzina'' and “Seu Crime”, from her album “Não Para Não” and “Cadeado”, from the album Noitada.

Representation in pride month

In LGBTQIAPN+ pride month, Pabllo Vittar, like Christian Chávez, used a moment to highlight the importance of diversity and representation: “Where are my gays, my transvestites and my entire LGBT community? I love you and thank you very much for representing us, our place is wherever we want to be, including here in São João da Thay“, he said.

Leaving his mark once again, Pabllo Vittar brought together a lot of dancing on stage alongside the ballet, delivering an energetic performance. With that, “wearing the shirt” of her state, Maranhão, Pabllo Vittar made history once again representing the northeast region in São João da Thay.


Featured photo: Pabllo Vittar at São João da Thay (Reproduction/X/@vittarloversarg)


Pabllo Vittar takes Batidão Tropical Vol.2 to Maranhão

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Pabllo Vittar takes Batidão Tropical Vol.2 to Maranhão


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