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Pepita releases Boca Rosa Beauty press kit
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On the afternoon of this Friday (14), the press kit of those who will receive Bianca Andrade's new era products was also presented by the singer and influencer Pepita, as well as by Bianca Andrade previously. The bag, which is the result of the union of the brands Boca Rosa Beauty and Alexandre Pavão, demonstrates great functionality and prioritizes the practicality of its followers' busy lives.

Official press kit from Boca Rosa Beauty (Reproduction/Instagram/@bianca)

Press kit from Boca Rosa Beauty

The black bag presented in the video, in addition to conveying modernity, does not deviate from the new color palette of Bianca Andrade's brand. After all, the brand's new color is made up of different shades of gray and no longer pink, as previously announced by Bianca.

The lives of mothers and influencers will receive a little extra help from the scholarship designed by Boca Rosa and Alexandre Pavão. This is because it has its own pocket to store your cell phone, as well as subdivisions that make it possible to store both your own item of clothing and that of your child, providing greater speed in fulfilling each item on your appointment schedule.


Furthermore, a specific part of it is dedicated to placing the brand's products, such as STICK PELE, which act as contour, foundation and also concealer, ensuring complete makeup.

Official press kit from Boca Rosa Beauty (Reproduction/Instagram/@bianca)

Boca Rosa Beauty in its new phase

Last Tuesday (11), Bianca made the new era of her brand official after publishing a photo with all the skin tones covered by her makeup, revealing to internet users that the products would feature 50 skin tones in order to make them look accessible to all audiences. It is worth highlighting that the change, assuming the idea of ​​using different tones, manages to cover all tones and thus eliminate the difficulty that most people have in finding the exact tone: “These 50 women are made up only with our products and it was chilling to see them all happy, with make-up that respects their identity.”

The official statement explaining the details of Bianca Andrade's new phase was released last Saturday (1). Bianca explained the dream that began when she did her mother's makeup for the first time and later transformed her brand into one of the biggest we know in Brazil, led by a female entrepreneur. As mentioned by Bianca, as owner of her own business, as explained by her previously, her intention with her brand is to do everything with purpose.

Featured Photo: Pepita shows Boca Rosa Beauty bag (Reproduction/Instagram/@pepita)


Pepita releases Boca Rosa Beauty press kit

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Pepita releases Boca Rosa Beauty press kit

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