Peruvian team goes to the police station after confusion with the police in Spain

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Peruvian team goes to the police station – A Peruvian team and the spanish police clashed when the delegation arrived at the hotel in Madrid, last Monday (27), before Tuesday’s friendly against Morocco. After the chaos, the goalkeeper Peter Wales and state deputies testified at a police station in the city to “clarify and resolve the chaos“.

Peruvian team goes to the police station

In addition to the Peruvian athletes, the President of the Federation, Agustin Lozano; the General Secretary of the Federation, Sabrina Martins; and representatives of Peruvian Consulate. However, about five hours after the incident, everyone was released and returned to the hotel. This information is passed on by the selectors.

Confusion involves players from Peru and police on arrival at a hotel in Spain – (Reproduction/ELPais)

In view of the repercussions of the event, the Peruvian Football Association expressed its position through an official statement. He regretted the events, sympathized with the athlete Pedro Galles and made it possible for the authorities to clarify what happened. Finally, he asked the crowd to calm down. (see full note at end)

– “We will continue to promote mutual respect and ensure the integrity and rights of Pedro Gallese and all of our technical command and selected work team” – he said.

The episode took place on Monday night, in front of the team’s hotel in Madrid. According to reports from those present, the players tried to approach the crowd – who received them in celebration – and a policeman tried to stop the athlete Yotún with a lunge, generating tension. So Gallese and Zambrano got involved too – pushing and shoving with the cops who were there.

Peruvian team goes to the police station

Peruvian players tried to greet fans at the hotel in Madrid and had friction with the local police (Reproduction / Twitter)


The Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) regrets the incident that took place in Madrid, where the traditional fan flag was held in support of “LaBicolor”.


The FPF fully supports our elected Pedro Gallese who, for this reason, we have followed since the incident that occurred outside the National Team’s concentration hotel, before the private game with Morocco.


Likewise, we reiterate our respect for the authorities and procedures of each country we visit. Therefore, we fully defer to requests from internal and external controls to clarify what happened.


The FPF is grateful for the collaboration of the Peruvian Consulate in Madrid, supported by Mr. Fernando Álvarez and lawyer Carlos Quiñónez.


Finally, we invoke the calm and tranquility of our FPF supporters and express our total repudiation of violence. We will continue to promote mutual respect and care for the integrity and rights of Pedro Gallese and all of our technical command and selected workforce.


Peru and Morocco face each other today (28), at 4:30 pm (Brasília time), at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, in Madrid.

Featured Photo: Players of the Peruvian national team are attacked by Spanish police in a hotel Reproduction/mg.superesportes

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Peruvian team goes to the police station

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