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perverse manipulation

We sometimes have the feeling of “too much” loving, too much in the sense of “passion” of the Greek Pathos which means the action of support, suffering. Rest assured, this is only an impression that is given to you because of the manipulation undergone on a daily basis.


How does this manipulation work? Perverse manipulation

The partner tends to be very brittle on a daily basis,to demean the other non-stop:


« Forgot to make the laundry »

« You’re not fucked to iron a shirt correctly »

« She’s ugly this dress »

« Why did you put on lipstick like a prostitute? »


« You have a dirty mine » Perverse manipulation

In short, always the word to please. Therefore, as soon as this same partner is going to make a compliment or be just pleasant, it will make a big differential, which is also called the differential trapThe positive behavior is then overvalued. It is this very differential that makes the other addict to his partner to the point of becoming “crazy in love” in the negative sense of the term.

How does he get feelings for me again

This is called “perverse relationships,” the relationship where one has taken power over the other and manipulates it.

How to get out of this manipulation? ( Perverse manipulation )

If you have understood how your companion works and it corresponds to the description I make above, you have already come halfway!


You will then have to tell him about the fact that he belittles you, if he retorts that it is false, keep a notebook in which you will write ALL his derogatory words about you. At the end of the week, you show him the notebook, he will not be able to say anything. If he still doesn’t understand, get into his game, use his sentences to your advantage so that he understands that it’s not pleasant.

Also show him that you do not need him, that you are independent (because this kind of man does not actually support that his wife does not need him). Your independence will scare him and make him react. ( Perverse manipulation )

And you, you know this situation?

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