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Proud Klopp,

Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp came Saturday night after the won FA Cup final against Chelsea praises short for his team. ‘The Reds’ won the second prize of the season at Wembley and are still in the race for the so-called quadruple.

“It’s absolutely insane that we’re still talking about that,” Klopp said of Liverpool being able to end the season with four trophies. “On the other hand: it is now 9.20 pm and we are already playing against Southampton on Tuesday. So yes, we still have a chance of a quadruple, but we are in a terribly difficult situation.”

Liverpool won the first prize of the season in February by beating Chelsea in the League Cup final after a nerve-racking penalty shootout and the fa cup final was a repeat of moves on Saturday. After regular playing time and extra time, it was 0-0, so penalties had to bring a decision.


After misses by César Azpilicueta, Mason Mount (Chelsea) and Sadio Mané (Liverpool), Kostas Tsimikas scored the decisive penalty on behalf of Liverpool. “It’s very nice to decide it that way. But you also know how painful it is for the opponent,” said Klopp about the second penalty series in a row against Chelsea.

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“This feels really great to us. The only problem is that we can’t celebrate, because we already play on Tuesday. How can you plan it that way? This is such a fantastic tournament and such a fantastic place and then you limit the festivities. Sure, the fans can go about their business, but the team can’t.”

Proud Klopp: ‘Insane that we can still talk about the quadruple’

Proud Klopp 'Insane that we can still talk about the quadruple'

‘Without these players, we wouldn’t stand a chance’

In the next two weeks it will become clear whether liverpool’s players will win even more prizes. Klopp’s team still plays in the league against Southampton (May 17, away) and Wolverhampton Wanderers (May 22, at home) and must hope that leader Manchester City still drops stitches.

The chance of a league title for Liverpool is not very big, because the ‘Citizens’ have three points more and a better goal difference. Most attention is on May 28, when Real Madrid awaits in the final of the Champions League.

For Klopp, the season has already been a success.


“I don’t think anyone in this room, except for me, expected us to do so well this season. That’s all thanks to my players. I can say what I want, but if the players are not listening or are just a little distracted, then we would not have stood a chance against Manchester City,” said the German.

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“It will be very difficult against Southampton on Tuesday and I don’t even know which players I can and can’t draft, but I honestly don’t really care. We’ve won two national cup tournaments and that’s just very special.”

Proud Klopp: ‘Insane that we can still talk about the quadruple’





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