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prove that a person is lying

What could be more annoying than a person who is minting and denying en bloc? nothing! But if you really want to detect if there is a lie or not, here are 7 signs that prove that a person is lying.


7 signs that prove that a person is lying

I had already made you an article on how to recognize a liar in love. We will look into this even more.


Note Bene before you begin: (prove that a person is lying)

Lyreaders who are experts in their field will not be happy to show you these signs. I am thinking in particular of narcissistic perverts or other psychopaths who, being unable to feel the slightest guilt, have no difficulty in lying without showing any signs.

1/ The change of breathing

Most of the time, if a person is lying, his breathing changes. Indeed, when we lie, our heart rate tends to increase. Thus, breathing may accelerate.

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You can also detect oral dryness due to the stress of lying. The person being lying can therefore have a hard time talking… Or don’t stop drinking while she’s talking to you.

2/ The reversal of the situation (prove that a person is lying)

A person who is lamenting will almost always try to turn the situation to his advantage. Initially, it will try to deny en bloc. But if you have ever managed to trap her, instead of confessing, she will point the finger at you.


Example: Your friend lied to you, he told you he/she was with X last night, in fact, he/she was with Y. He (she) starts to deny, but you have proof that he (she) is lying. What will he (she) do? You’d say, “And you remember when you went to do that and you told me you were doing that”?

3/ The expressions that aim to convince you

Beware of “I promise you”; “I swear to you”; “to be honest” . These little sentences mostly mean exactly the opposite.

It is a way for how to protect themselves. He makes you believe that he wants to tell you only the truth, nothing but the truth.

4/ Nervousness (prove that a person is lying)

When a person is lying, he inevitably becomes nervous at the thought of being unmasked. As a result, her body language will tend to show signs of nervousness. She will touch her hair, mouth, ears… Move his legs or feet, tap his fingers on the table.


Also, she can close like an oyster and cross her arms on her torso to be a barrier.

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5/ Details

When a person is minting, they give a lot of details about the situation to prove to you that they are sincere. More tasteless details than the others!

Take the test and stay silent. Indeed, people who lie cannot stand silence and will at all costs need to fill the void by inventing a whole lot of details about the situation in question.

6/ The leak (prove that a person is lying)

A person who is minting will tend to want to flee. She will often have her gaze set towards an exit door, or her back turned towards that same door. It is a human reflex when you want to get rid of an unpleasant situation.


7/ Aggressiveness

The liar regularly resorts to aggressiveness, especially when he has shot all his cards before. The person who is minting will therefore suddenly be able to start screaming when for several minutes he was very calm. But, seeing that you still don’t believe her, she will opt for anger.

If it is not the screams, the aggressiveness can also be visible in the eyes. For example, some people who lie stare straight in the eyes to destabilize the other.

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