Putin threatens to retaliate if UK delivers depleted uranium munitions to Ukraine

Putin threatens to retaliate

This Tuesday (21) Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened to retaliate if London supplies Ukraine with munitions loaded with depleted uranium, after statements by British Defense Minister Baroness Annabel Goldie, statements made last Monday (20).

Putin threatens to retaliate

“Today we learned that the UK has announced not only the delivery of tanks to Ukraine, but also depleted uranium projectiles. If that happens, Russia will be forced to respond”, said the Russian president after his meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

Putin threatens to retaliate

Soldier making use of uranium. (Photo: reproduction/military operations)

Although Putin did not go into detail, Russian politicians and commentators have made several comments claiming that, if necessary, Russia could use its nuclear arsenal in the war in Ukraine. Sergei Shoigu, defense minister, said the British decision brought a “nuclear collision” between Russia and the West ever closer.

“Another step has been taken and less and less remain”, Shoigu said. “Naturally, Russia has something to answer that.” According to Veja magazine.

Depleted uranium is a by-product of the natural uranium enrichment process to obtain the 235 U isotype (used in reactors and nuclear weapons).

It is mainly composed of the 238 U isotype, which is difficult to fission (breaking the nucleus of an atom) and less radioactive than natural uranium. The element has high strength and density, so it is intended for military purposes.

Weapons that use this substance are ammunition or projectiles that contain this metal in their core or tip. These weapons are capable of perforating steel structures and armor very easily, as they ignite when in contact with air and release fragments of depleted uranium at the site.

The use of these weapons is controversial because of the possible harmful effects of radiation exposure and uranium toxicity on human health and the environment.

Featured Photo: President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Playback/Watcher

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Putin threatens to retaliate

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