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Raça Negra enchants Rio de Janeiro with romantic samba and timeless hits!
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Last Friday (23), Rio de Janeiro was able to witness up close the greatest hits of romantic samba with the Black race. The show featured a full band, an imposing stage structure, full of dazzling lights and, of course, the timeless songs that touched the lives of Brazilians, and that became big hits on national radio, showing that the legacy continues to enchant generations, accompanied by passionate lyrics and an engaging beat.

With a nostalgic atmosphere that reminded one of a pleasant Sunday afternoon, accompanied by a barbecue with family and friends, to the sound of a samba full of love: this is how one can describe the energy of the show. It certainly brought back good memories for those who grew up listening to the sound of Raça Negra. The stage structure was grand, along with the immersive design of the lights synchronizing perfectly with the songs, while the presence of the dancers and the band made the entire performance even more brilliant.

The show's setlist took the audience straight back in time, led by the vocalist Luiz Carloswhich for 40 years has continued the legacy of the phenomenon that these compositions have become on the radio and in the homes of Brazilians. Among the songs presented were: “Sweet Passion“, “Gipsy”It's too late”Return“, “Take me with you” and, of course, the most acclaimed of all, “Full of Manias”which used to be dedicated to teenage love. The song is so loved by fans that as soon as the instrumental started, the audience instantly recognized it and were eager to sing and dance along.


The singer showed his entire performance on stage with great charisma, contagious energy and samba dancing. Once again, he showed why Raça Negra is a timeless success to this day. The audience, who knew all the lyrics by heart, sang along from start to finish, also taking the opportunity to show off all their carioca swing — proving that the striking lyrics were not only etched in the minds, but also in the hearts of the fans.

When witnessing the audience's interaction with the singer, it becomes clear that Raça Negra is much more than just a band or its famous compositions. It is about emotional bonds, memories of happy times with family and friends. During the show, it was possible to hear people saying: “I used to listen to this song a lot with my parents” or “My grandmother loved Raça Negra, it played all the time in her house”. It's about leaving a legacy that spans generations.

Just like fans from Rio, the rest of Brazil will have the opportunity to sing romantic sambas with singer Luiz Carlos, as shows in other parts of the country have already been confirmed throughout 2023.

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Raça Negra enchants Rio de Janeiro with romantic samba and timeless hits!

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Raça Negra enchants Rio de Janeiro with romantic samba and timeless hits!

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