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Rekindling the flame in the couple

When we are in a relationship, we tend to enter into a monotony that distances us from each other. It is important to rekindle the flame in the couple. You will be able to achieve this by following 4 steps that will open you a new field of possibilities. Take the opportunity to write down all your ideas and future projects that can rekindle the flame in the wonderful couple you are lucky enough to have.


1st step to rekindle the flame in the couple: Renew the dialogue

In all human relations, communication is essential! Very often we come to live a life that resembles the adage “metro-work-sleep”. We end up living in a roommate with a friend we know and who does not cause us problems. Time passes and passes under the point of monotony and we end up losing the bond of love that united us. It is important to find communication in the couple in order to recreate a stable relationship with two individuals who love each other and who desire each other every day of the year. You will be able to explore new continents and rediscover your partner in its best light. (Rekindling the flame in the couple)


How do I do this?

You will take the time to schedule romantic evenings in order to find yourself. For a few hours you will listen to your partner and make no judgment on what will be said. It is important that everyone can express what they have on their heart in order to free themselves and go on the path of envy. Your evening will teach you about your lover and you will be able to rekindle the flame that tended to go out.

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Step 2: Organize outings (Rekindling the flame in the couple)

When you have taken the time to talk and state what is wrong to go towards what will delight you: it will be time to act! You have to schedule activities to do as a couple that will take you out of your daily life. As you leave your comfort zone you will feel new sensations and let your emotions grow. Your partner will appear to you in his best light and you will learn to love him with more fervour and envy.

Below you will find some proposals for romantic outings:

  1. Go out to restaurants at least once a month
  2. Schedule romantic trips
  3. Discover a common passion
  4. Decide to read the same book so that you can discuss it later
  5. Go to the theater, opera or cinema regularly.
  6. Make last minute appointments to surprise your partner.

You will very quickly find other ideas that will grow in you the love you have for your partner. You will realize that your couple still has many territories to discover. The flame will rekindle little by little to become a reassuring and warming fire.

3rd step to rekindle the flame in the couple: Changing your behavior (Rekindling the flame in the couple)

By force, we no longer make an effort on our way of being and doing. Love gives way to habit and it’s not pretty pretty. Put back at the center of your couple, small gestures of everyday life that revived envy and desire.

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If you are out of inspiration, I advise you to start with these 5 actions:

  1. Write a word of love on a post-it note that you will stick on the bathroom mirror.
  2. Take the time to write a handwritten letter for your partner.
  3. Get home earlier from work and make the evening meal.
  4. Select your love’s favorite movies and watch them for an entire evening.
  5. Listen to music and remake the world
  6. Smile, say thank you and I love you as often as possible
  7. Learning to laugh together like children

This change in behavior will automatically have a positive impact on your relationship. Your daily life will be softer and more pleasant. Your partner will feel your change and will be delighted! The flame will burn with a thousand lights and your love will not cease to grow!

How to rekindle the flame in the couple? conclusion

Rekindling the flame in the couple requires a minimum of imagination and a lot of willpower. You just have to listen to your heart and listen to your partner. Think outside the box and surprise yourself! Be that couple that everyone envy’s, be happy and get the stars for the person who makes your heart beat. Love is a rare and fragile commodity, take care of it.

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