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Resolve Relationship Problems with Clarity
You can solve many relationship problems by being clear. How can he know you’d like to get a few more hugs and kisses if you never tell him? Get started with your relationship problems!
Solving relationship problems by being clear
You will be amazed how many relationships are in dire straits due to a lack of clarity. If you love each other, you want to make each other happy, you don’t want the other person to be unhappy because of you. In most cases, your lover will therefore not consciously be a burden.

Trying to understand each other in this is very important. You really only want the best for each other and neither of you will hurt the other on purpose. Yet you have relationship problems. How did that happen?

One does not know what the other wants
Communication is known to be important for a relationship to run smoothly. Without good communication, relationship problems always arise. But what do you have to communicate about if necessary? It is important that you quickly make it clear to your partner why you are not happy with the current situation. It often happens that she worries about all kinds of things that he is not even aware of.

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Relationship Problems

Men and women are different creatures. Generally speaking, women are often more emotionally sensitive. They do not understand that men do not simply ‘feel’ certain signals as they can themselves. Often men just don’t have that long emotional antennae. The ‘typical man’ does not notice that anything is wrong until he is told.

Suppose she thinks she is getting too little intimacy from him. They have sex regularly, but she is looking for more security, especially now that she is in a stressful period. She just wants him to grab her every now and then and give her a nice cuddle. She can just use that now. He has no idea about this and will therefore not give her extra hugs. Not because he wants to hurt her, but because she doesn’t tell him what’s bothering her. She thinks he should sense her signals, her friends can, after all.


Don’t expect your love to be clairvoyant. Don’t have expectations of your partner if you haven’t communicated them first. Only when you understand each other can you meet each other’s needs and solve your relationship problems.

Clarity can solve many relationship problems
Is your friend a rascal and is it driving you crazy? You can berate him all day long for cleaning up his mess and getting tired of it. You can also talk to him and calmly explain to him that a tidy house is important to you. That you would really appreciate it if he clears things up immediately when he is done with it.

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He probably didn’t realize it’s so important to you. In most cases he will say something like, “I’ll pay attention from now on.” That’s all. By being clear right away, you avoid arguments and complicated relationship problems about small things. If your partner doesn’t fulfill one of your needs, you can just ask for it.

“Would you like to hug me more in the near future? I just need some warmth and intimacy. ” Why would the person who loves you mostly need to say no to this? It is clear what you have to do to make you happy, grant the other that knowledge. Most of us are simply not telepathic. It is therefore nice if people just ask for what they want, then you can easily give it to them!


Solving relationship problems with clarity leads to understanding, and understanding leads to empathy and compassion.

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