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(Retrospective) On Harry Styles' birthday, remember the multi-artist's trajectory
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Born Harry Edward Styles, in Redditch and raised in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England, the Aquarian celebrates his 28th birthday today (01). The multi-profession British man has had his face and talents known worldwide since he was 16 years old, when he joined the biggest boy band of the 2010s, and since then, his existence, in itself, has been an event in itself. On his birthday, remember the artist's meteoric career.

Harry is the son of Anne Twist and Desmond Styles, and has an older sister named Gemma. In his childhood, he studied at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School and was already enchanted by music. The little one had Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury and the Beatles as influences. While still at school, Styles was the lead singer of the band White Eskimo, winning a local battle of the bands.

Harry Styles in the band White Eskimo (Photo: Reproduction/Scoopenest)


One Direction and the launch of Comet Harry:

In April 2010, at the age of 16, Harry Styles had his individual audition to compete on the musical reality show The X Factor. A few stages later, the young man failed, as did 4 other boys: Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Liam Payne.

As a suggestion from the judges, the 5 were united in a band for the group stage of the program. It was Harry who named One Direction, who didn't win The X Factor. Even though they placed third in the competition, the new boy band quickly achieved popularity, forming queues of fans to see them.

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First photo of One Direction (Photo: Reproduction/Twitter)


A cover of “Forever Young”, recorded by them to be released in the final of the reality show, ended up leaking onto the internet and shortly afterwards, the news was released that One Direction had signed a contract with Simon Cowell, for Syco Records.

1D's first album was released on November 18, 2011, titled “Up All Night”, containing one of the band's biggest hits, “What's Make You Beautiful”, which has accumulated more than 1 billion views on YouTube. In the same year, they went on their first tour of the United Kingdom, and took more than 500 thousand people to their shows.

Watch the video for “What's Make You Beautiful” (Reproduction/YouTube)


In 2012, also in November, the group's second album, “Take Me Home”, was released and so on, one album per year. In 2013 it was the turn of “Midnight Memories”, 2014 was the year of “Four” and 2015 saw the release of the band’s last album, already as a quartet, “Made In The AM”. There were 4 tours carried out with the band, dozens of awards and important presentations and, of course, a milestone in the history of the music industry.

Beginning of solo career and “Harry Styles”:

In the same year that One Direction went on hiatus, 2016, it was announced by Billboard that the Brit had signed a 3-album contract with Columbia Records, the same label as the boyband. The following year, in May, Harry announced his first solo single, titled “Sign of the Times”, which has accumulated almost 1 billion views on YouTube and streams on Spotify. The album, self-titled “Harry Styles”, was released in May.

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Watch the video for “Sign of the Times” (Reproduction/YouTube)

With the album, which also featured the flashy rock track “Kiwi” as a single, Styles went on his first solo tour, the “Live On Tour.” There were 60 locations, including Brazil, and the singer literally lived on tour from March to July 2018.

“Fine Line”, self-knowledge, Eroda and watermelon:

After 2 years without releasing music, in October 2019, Styles, on publicity screens in different parts of the world, asked his fans: “Do you know who you are?” (Do you know who you are?). The enigmatic phrase was part of the marketing of the new Era that emerged with the track “Lights Up”, released on October 18th along with its music video.


Watch the video for “Lights Up” (Reproduction/YouTube)

Have you ever imagined creating an island, a fictional universe where smiles are blinding and fish are friends with humans? This is Eroda, the island where young Edward blinded everyone with his radiant smile and had a fish as his best friend. To promote the single “Adore You”, Styles and his team created the fictional island of Eroda, a peculiar place, which was home to a peculiar boy. The cinematic clip, which, in its extended version, lasts 7 minutes and 45 seconds, was narrated by Rosalía and details the unusual friendship between Harry's character and a fish.


Watch the video for “Adore You” (Reproduction/YouTube)

The album “Fine Line” was released at the end of 2019, on December 13th, with 5 videos, namely: “Lights Up”, “Adore You”, “Falling”, “Watermelon Sugar”, “Golden” and “ Treat People With Kindness”. With the sunny track, “Watermelon Sugar”, Harry reached 1 billion streams on Spotify, in addition to becoming one of the most viral songs on Tik Tok and other social networks, as well as important awards. “Fine Line” landed Harry Styles on the charts. The artist has more than 100 million streams of all his songs on the Spotify platform, making him a unique brand.

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Watch the video for “Watermelon Sugar” (Reproduction/YouTube)


Grammy winner:

The success of watermelon and “Fine Line” was so overwhelming that in 2020, Harry Styles had his first 3 nominations for the biggest music award, the Grammy Awards, with the categories: Best Pop Solo Performance (with “Watermelon Sugar”), Best Video (with “Adore You”) and Best Pop Album (with “Fine Line”).

In addition to the nominations, the Brit opened the awards with the performance of “Watermelon Sugar”. At the end of the night, in addition to marking his name on the award, Harry secured the Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance.

Harry Styles with his Grammy Awards statuette (Photo: Reproduction/Twitter)


Acting career:

In 2017, Styles made his debut on the big screen with the war film “Dunkirk”, directed by Christopher Nolan and winner of 3 Oscar statuettes. Even with a supporting role, as soldier Alex, the new actor was praised by the director and gained more space in the cinematic world.

Between 2020 and 2021, Harry recorded 2 films in which he is the protagonist: the psychological thriller 'Don't Worry Darling”, directed by Olivia Wilde, in which he stars Florence Pugh, and which has a theatrical release date of the 22nd of September. In it, the protagonist will play Jack, the perfect husband with a dark secret.

In addition to “DWD”, the actor recorded the gay romance “My Policeman”, inspired by the book of the same name by Bethan Roberts. In it, Harry plays the young phase of police officer Tom, opposite David Dawson and Emma Corrin. The production, which will be released on Amazon Prime Video, does not yet have a released date.

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At the end of 2021, surprising his fans, specialized critics and MCU fans, the artist joined the Marvel “Eternals” team. Harry plays Star Fox (or Eros), brother of Thanos. In the first film of the franchise, his appearance was restricted to the post-credit scene, in which his character appears. He signed a 5-production deal with Marvel.

Fashion Icon:

Going beyond his other professions, Harry Styles is also considered a big name in the world of fashion. In 2017, the singer entered into a partnership with Gucci, where he was announced as an ambassador for the brand. In 2019, he participated in the “Men's Tailoring Cruise” campaign, where the brand made a commitment to no longer use animal fur in its clothing. In the same, he was in the promotional campaign for the fragrance “Mémoire d'une Odeur.”.


Harry Styles at the MET Gala (Photo: Reproduction/Vogue)

Still in 2019, the artist was the youngest host to lead the Met Gala, one of the most important events in the fashion world. In addition to him, Lady Gaga and Serena Williams were hosts that year. He wore Gucci and was accompanied by Alessandro Michele to the event.

Harry Styles on the cover of Vogue (Photo: Reproduction/Vogue)

In November 2020, Harry made history again by becoming the first man to pose alone for the cover of Vogue magazine. Maintaining his authentic and genderless style, he wore different looks that ranged from flowing dresses to trousers without a blouse.



In November 2021, Harry brought out his business side with the launch of “Pleasing”, his cosmetics brand. Still in its infancy, the brand comes with a set of 4 nail polish shades and other artifacts related to nail care. With the brand, he aims to create a platform that reflects empathy and creativity.

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“Love On Tour”:

The “Fine Line” album tour had to be postponed from 2020 to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. In September last year, he returned to the stage with the first part of the “Love On Tour”, traveling across the United States over 42 nights.

For 2022, the tour gained new dates in Europe and Latin America, including Brazil, where it will perform 3 shows and end the tour on December 10, in Curitiba.


Featured photo: Harry Styles. Reproduction/Twitter/Dazed


(Retrospective) On Harry Styles' birthday, remember the multi-artist's trajectory

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(Retrospective) On Harry Styles' birthday, remember the multi-artist's trajectory


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