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Richarlison falls in love with Ceará and plans to come back often

With the end of the holidays approaching, Richarlison is determined to make the most of the time he has left with his family, friends and also enjoy the sun and the beach. The state of Ceará conquered the player’s heart, providing him with hospitality and a climate completely different from what he is used to in England. Although he is about to return to football and defend the colors of Tottenham in the 2023/2024 season, Richarlison keeps positive memories of his stay in the Northeast and values ​​the unique experience he had in Ceará during his vacation.

In an interview, the player mentioned that he used to live in the cold of England, but now he is enjoying the sun in the Northeast. He considers this time of rest essential to recover both body and mind, especially after a difficult season. He expressed his happiness with the place, stating that it is the best vacation he has had since becoming a professional player. This is also the first time he goes out to have fun with his friends.


Fortaleza is a very pleasant destination for him, where he brought 20 friends and family with him to share this unique experience and have fun together. The atmosphere of the place is incredible, and he is enjoying the city and the company of his loved ones very much. Fortaleza’s beaches and vibrant energy made this vacation unforgettable for the player and their loved ones.

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The England striker continued: “We’ve already covered all of Fortaleza. We went to Jericoacoara, we drove around in a buggy, we went to some parties, we’re on vacation, right? The important thing is that everyone is enjoying themselves and happy.”

The striker, known for being the number 9 of the Brazilian national team, received valuable advice from a former teammate, Osvaldo, about the city of Fortaleza. Richarlison decided to check personally what had been praised by Osvaldo. The two played together in 2016, when they defended Fluminense. Osvaldo, currently at Vitória, played for Fortaleza and wore the tricolor shirt on several occasions.

Richarlison relaxes in Ceará (Photo: Reproduction/Richarlison/Instagram)


This was Richarlison’s first time visiting Ceará, and he was delighted with the place. Talking to his uncle, he expressed a desire to buy a house in the area and return more often. He praised the destination a lot, stating that he liked it a lot and considered the experience very pleasant. Richarlison recalled that Osvaldo had already mentioned how amazing Fortaleza was, and now, after visiting in person, he confirmed that his former partner was right. He was so impressed with the city that he plans to return more often, as he considers Fortaleza to be a truly wonderful place.

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The days in Fortaleza provided Richarlison with the opportunity to make new friends. The striker had the chance to play a football match with local influencers and also received a visit from a player from Fortaleza. Although football from Ceará is not unknown to him, since he follows teams from the Northeast, it was a special experience to personally meet some players and strengthen these friendships.

Richarlison mentioned some names, like Galhardo, who visited his house, and Marinho, a partner of his. He considers himself surrounded by many friends in the Northeast region and hopes to meet all of them soon. The player also highlighted that the growth of northeastern football is something that makes everyone happy, with teams like Fortaleza competing in Libertadores and Sul-Americana. He also mentioned Ceará as an important team in the region.

Interestingly, Richarlison has already faced Ceará on the field when he defended the colors of América-MG, in November 2015, for Série B. In that game, the teams tied 1-1, and Richarlison ended up being expelled.


On July 10, Richarlison will return to Europe to start pre-season with his English team. The focus will be on preparing for the upcoming Premier League season, which kicks off on 12 August. The player will dedicate himself to training and preparatory games in order to be in top shape for England’s most prestigious national competition. His determination to represent his team and contribute to the team’s success will be a priority during this preparation period.

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Featured photo: Richarlison during his vacation in Ceará before the pre-season. Playback/Richarlison/Instagram


Richarlison falls in love with Ceará and plans to come back often

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