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Robobeat: A Symphony of Gunshots, Parkour and Rhythm
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Have you ever imagined if Robocop and a rave DJ had a child? It would probably be something like Robobeat!

This game is a frenetic FPS madness with rhythm, where you shoot like a crazy robot full of energy drinks in the head and dance to electronic music while doing parkour and destroying blocky enemies.

It's a roguelite that will test your ability to pace yourself and your ability to survive hordes of procedural enemies. Who needs a rest, right?

Prepare for the Symphony of Destruction


In Robobeat, you are Ace, a bounty hunter trapped in the mansion of a robot showman named Frazzler. Your mission? Run along walls, slide across the floor and shoot to the beat of the music. Simple, right? Except for the fact that you will die multiple times and return to the lobby to try again. It's like playing Guitar Hero, but with weapons and enemies that want to kill you. Cool huh?

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If you're like Kazin Mage and suffer from motion sickness, prepare for an additional challenge when playing Robobeat. With its breakneck speed and frantic movements, this game is a real test of the stomach. The combination of parkour, shots synchronized to the beat of the music and psychedelic visuals can easily trigger that unpleasant feeling of nausea. So, if you already know that you have problems with motion sickness, it's best to prepare yourself before diving into this experience. Bring a bucket, just in case!

Frantic gameplay? We have plenty!

Remember when Guitar Hero and Rock Band were all the rage? Robobeat makes you feel at home, but with an extra dose of adrenaline. It's like you're playing Guitar Hero in a rave full of neon and blocky enemies. And speaking of weapons, the game has everything from golden revolvers to exploding ping-pong rackets. Yes, you read that right, explosive ping-pong rackets! The next step is a shooting game with flaming frisbees.


Subtitles in portuguese? We have it too!

And of course, if you're worried about English, don't worry. Robobeat has subtitles in Portuguese! Just activate it in the game settings at the beginning. Because nothing says “total immersion” like understanding what your character is saying while you try not to die.

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Supreme Performance in PC Master Race

Running on my glorious Master Race PC, Robobeat is a breathtaking experience. The fluidity of the movements, the responsiveness of the controls and the incredible graphic quality really stand out. Each slide, dash and shot synchronized with the beat of the music is executed with millimeter precision, without stuttering or frame rate drops. It's as if my PC was dancing along with me, performing flawlessly. Furthermore, the game offers a wide range of graphical and customization options, allowing you to adjust every detail to ensure the best possible experience. After all, nothing less than perfection is acceptable when it comes to the PC Master Race.


Rhythm is the Soul of Business

Robobeat's soundtrack is simply fantastic. With a variety of genres and BPMs, you'll always find a song that fits your playing style. And if that's not enough, you can import your own music. I tested a few remixes of my favorites and the integration was seamless, allowing me to groove to the beat without any problems. Who knew that my electronic music playlist sovietwave would it finally have a use?

Psychedelic and Retro Robobeat Look

Robobeat's look is a spectacle in itself, mixing psychedelic and retro brilliantly. The game features filters that imitate old games with scanlines and tilts, as well as glitches reminiscent of an era of VHS and arcade graphics. Vibrant colors and visual effects transform every gaming session into an experience straight out of an 80s music video, adding an extra layer of immersion and style that perfectly complements the frenetic, rhythmic gameplay. If you're a fan of stunning and unique visuals, Robobeat won't disappoint.



  • Addictive rhythmic gameplay
  • Wide variety of weapons and traps
  • Incredible soundtrack and possibility to import songs
  • Stunning visuals and unique style
  • Subtitles in Portuguese from BRASIL-SIL-SIL
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  • Initial progress can be slow and bureaucratic
  • For those who suffer from very fast SPF, you may feel a little dizzy and have nausea

Final Grade: 8/10

Overall, Robobeat is a refreshing addition to the rhythm game genre. Yes, it's difficult at first and can be a bit bureaucratic, but once you get the hang of it, the game becomes incredibly fun. With an incredible soundtrack, psychedelic visuals and addictive gameplay, Robobeat is a game worth checking out. Even with its flaws, it manages to deliver a unique experience that will leave you hooked.

Robobeat: A Symphony of Gunshots, Parkour and Rhythm

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Robobeat: A Symphony of Gunshots, Parkour and Rhythm

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