Criminals have been monitoring the routine of Sérgio Moro and his family since January

routine of Sérgio Moro and his family
routine of Sérgio Moro and his family – On the morning of Wednesday (22), the Federal Police (PF) began an operation that investigates suspects of planning to kill and kidnap authorities. The suspects are members of the PCC criminal faction that monitored the family of current Senator Sergio Moro and his family. Another target of the criminals was the prosecutor, Lincoln Gakiya, who has been investigating the criminal group since the early 2000s. So far, nine suspects have been arrested by the Federal Police.

routine of Sérgio Moro and his family being monitored

According to the Special Action Group for the Repression of Organized Crime (Gaeco), from Presidente Prudente, in the interior of São Paulo, Moro’s family had been under surveillance since January. Prosecutor Gakiya was the one who alerted Mário Sarrubo, the São Paulo prosecutor, that Moro was being monitored. Sarrubo, in turn, alerted Moro and the top of the Federal Police.

Federal Police publishes about the operation. (Photo: Reproduction/Flávio Dino/Twitter)

The investigators point out that ten people took turns to watch over Moro and his family, having rented houses, farms and an office next to the family’s addresses. The plans would have started in 2022 and the crime would be because of changes in the visitation regime in prisons. In addition to the transfer of Marcola, head of the criminal faction, and other members to maximum security prisons. The faction operates inside and outside prisons in Brazil and internationally.

Suspects arrested this morning by the PF. (Photo: Reproduction/Wesley Justino/EPTV)

The PF operation has so far arrested nine people suspected of being part of the criminal faction that planned acts against public authorities. Still according to the investigation, the criminals also planned homicides and extortion by kidnapping authorities and public servants in at least five units of the federation.

Moro commented on social media about the PF operation and said he would make a statement about being the target of threats from a criminal group.

On social media, he said: “Regarding retaliation plans against me, my family and other public agents, I will make a statement in the afternoon from the Senate tribune. For now, I thank the PF, PM/PR, Senate and Chamber legislative police, PM/SP, MPE/SP, and their leaders for their support and work done“.

According to G1, after an alert from Gaeco de SP, Moro and his family were escorted by the Military Police.

Featured Photo: Moro and family have been monitored since January by a criminal faction.

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routine of Sérgio Moro and his family

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