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Sandy presents the cover of the project “Nos, Voz, Eles 2”
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Singer and songwriter Sandy posted on her Instagram account on Wednesday night (14), the cover of her new album “nós, Voz, Eles 2”, which has its premiere confirmed for today, Thursday (15) , at 9pm. Sandy also made a “Pre-save” available in her stories for fans who wish to make an appointment. The image was composed of mosaics of the special guests who are part of the project, announced by her in July this year. The beautiful illustration features the images spread out forming the singer's hair.

Through a “vibe” intimate, Agnes Nunes, Wanessa Camargo, Vitor Kley, OutroEu, Amaro Freitas and Ludmilla, were welcomed into the composer's home/recording studio to produce very special duets in different styles. This second version of the project was also supervised by the singer's husband, the multi-instrumentalist musician, Lucas Lima.

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Participation of Amaro Freitas in the @sandyoficial project (Reproduction/Instagram).

This week, the latest behind-the-scenes episodes of the recordings were released on their YouTube channel, in a kind of web series of the project's composition process. The internationally recognized pianist, Amaro Freitas, collaborated on the track “Amor não Testado” and the song “Voltar Pra Mim” featured singer-songwriter Ludmilla.


Sandy also took the opportunity to share a text talking about the challenges and pride in having the project completed: “A project that, as the name suggests, is ours, and of which I am extremely proud. Is it work? Soooo! And perhaps you don't even realize how much (laughs). But, when it is ready and reaches you, the feeling of accomplishment is immense! Mainly, because it is planned and produced with great care, it fulfills me artistically, it comes out the way I believe and allows me a very, very rich exchange with professional colleagues who I admire so much.”

Presentation of the cover of the @sandyoficial project (Reproduction/Instagram).

The star thanked the project's partnerships, continuing to say: “I am immensely grateful to my illustrious guests Wanessa, Agnes Nunes, Outro Eu, Vitor Kley, Amaro Freitas and Ludmilla, for agreeing to be with me and for all their dedication and dedication. To my life and professional partner Lucas Lima, for everything (he knows very well what this “everything” is), to my dear friend and director Douglas Aguillar and the beautiful team at Gogacine, to the composers, musicians, technicians, all wonderful, to the my general team (really team), to all the people at Universal Music Brasil”.

Finally, he ended up dedicating the project to his thousands of fans, inviting everyone to the shows on the tour he is performing and to listen to the album that will be available on digital platforms.

Featured Photo: Sandy Reproduction/Instagram.


Sandy presents the cover of the project “Nos, Voz, Eles 2”

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Sandy presents the cover of the project “Nos, Voz, Eles 2”

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