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save your couple through marriage therapy

Any couple can go through moments of hollowness, where communication is no longer done well, where the common vision is lost. Couples therapy can be a great solution to consider how to save your couple, regardless of the needs and situation.

What is the use of marriage therapy?

Any couple can go through difficult times, whether it’s a communication that is no longer going well or parts that have grown up next to each other and no longer together.

Turning to a couple therapist means calling on a mediator. His job will be to help restore communication in the couple by trying to go beyond resentments, unspoken and conflicts. (save your couple through marriage therapy)


The therapist offers a totally free and neutral space for speech, often welcome in a couple where communication has been undermined.

The sessions will allow each of the partners to become more aware of their own expectations and those of the other, to talk again about the couple’s vision and common projects. The tools used by the therapist are diverse, such as role-playing, video or writing and allow each of the members to put themselves in the place of the other to better understand the relationship.

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The goal of the sessions is to put listening and communication back at the center of the couple and help them find a balance.

Positive developments can be seen very quickly, from the fourth or fifth session. The therapy is short, and only couples in very specific cases will need to follow it over several years.


There are three main currents in couple therapy:

  • Systemic: when the couple is at the heart of its evolutions in groups, such as the family
  • Behaviorist: the therapist studies here the behaviors of each partner in the face of the events experienced
  • Analytical: Past suffering is taken into account to better understand the current situation.

When should I consult? (save your couple through marriage therapy)

Ideally, you should consult when things go wrong and before things get worse. Too many couples wait before consulting, and the situation has already escalated a lot when they start.

It is often said that when you think about going to see a therapist, it is because the time has come: if you feel this way, trust your instincts and do not hesitate to make an appointment.

Even though more and more couples are trying therapy, it can sometimes be hard for some to get their partner to accept the idea, because we tend to think that we can solve our problems on our own. Still, there is nothing degrading about using a mediator for help. 

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Thanks to his external and neutral gaze, and at the service of a common project of the couple, the therapist will be able to re-engage the partners on the path of communication.

Consulting to separate: a real solution (save your couple through marriage therapy)

It is often thought that separation marks the failure of a couple. However, there may come a time when the two partners no longer have the same vision, can no longer continue together because they realize that they no longer have anything in common. A therapist can help ensure that the separation is done in peace and that everyone leaves on their own in a balanced way.


Moreover, couple therapy can be paradoxical: succeed… And end with a separation of partners. Separation is not complicated, but is a way for everyone to move forward.

Couples therapy, although little is said about it, can also be a good springboard for budding couples, who want to start on a good basis.


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