With a contemporary touch, Schutz launches the winter 2023 collection

Schutz launches the winter 2023 collection


Schutz launches the winter 2023 collection – Internationally consolidated, the full look brand of the Arezzo & Co Group, has just launched its newest collection for winter 2023 starring Candice Swanepoel. For winter 2023, the brand has translated the main trends into striking shapes and powerful materials such as metallic, a sexy look and a glam touch, inspired by motorcycle aesthetics, an urban lifestyle, full of attitude and movement through the “Always on the go” concept, that permeate the universe of speed lovers.

One of the main highlights of the collection is the revival of biker boots, a model that comes with flat soles and metal details, evidencing the cool attitude and full of personality. To highlight the aesthetics of the collection, the Arla Up boot, with a high top, gains the application of a zipper with adornment, translating the proposal that goes from the urban style to the sexy mood, and super feminine.

Schutz launches the winter 2023 collection

Attitude, trends, irreverence and style are characteristics of the brand and are present in this collection. In order to be fully present in women’s lives, the clothing section also follows the “always on the go”, with a glam touch. The mix of pieces includes shirts, pants, a trench coach coat and shorts, all made with impeccable finishes and selected fabrics that combine the Schutz essence, such as leather and stripes inspired by the aesthetics of the brand’s first factories.

To compose the full look, the Ellie cropped shirt is the missing piece to complete Schutz Girl’s wardrobe. Made of leather, a noble material that carries all the brand’s DNA, the cropped Ellie stands out for its impeccable finish with buttons covered in the leather itself and shoulder pads that make the piece even more glamorous.

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