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Could you use some excitement on your Netflix night? You are guaranteed to get warm from these films and series

Since there is not much to do in the evening, you soon end up on the couch with Netflix . The streaming service may be full of Oscar-winning productions, intriguing dramas and hilarious comedies – sometimes you just want something different. Something more exciting. As you know, Netflix has something for everyone, including anyone looking for excruciating sexual tension or steamy sex scenes. You are guaranteed to get red ears from these spicy films and series.

1 365 Days

Young mob boss Massimo Torricelli and hotel worker Laura meet in Sicily. Massimo is completely devastated by Laura, so he decides to kidnap her (!) And keep her in a luxury castle for 365 days so that she will love him. The relationship between the two main characters is anything but healthy, but the film is full of sexy scenes.


2 Toy Boy

Netflix is ​​now full of excellent Spanish films and series. Toy Boy may be of a different level than La Casa de Papel , but the series is definitely recommended. Especially if you like looking at half-naked, handsome men. The story is about a stripper in Málaga who is released after his mistress charged him for the murder of her husband. He wants to know why.

Terra e Paixão: Anely convinces Luigi to hit Petra

3 Duck Butter

In Duck Butter we see how Naima and Sergio come into each other’s lives. The two women are tired of dating life and therefore decide to spend 24 hours together. This way they can get to know each other well, both physically and personally. The film is largely about sex, but slowly turns into a compelling, emotional tale of modern love.

4 Newness

Martin and Gabi meet via an app. While dating, they soon become bored and they take steps for their early relationship some spicier make. The two go quite far in that. The film is full of sex, desire and chemistry, and is guaranteed to give you an exciting Netflix evening on the couch.

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