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say everything to each other in a couple

It is often said that the come from Mars and the women from Venus, it is well known! This implies that we are not always on the same wavelength, and that in dialogue, we can sometimes be completely off the mark, not understanding each other. Which does not necessarily help for communication within the couple. Hence the question; Should we say everything to each other in a couple? Follow the guide to find out!


Having your secret garden…

We are not going to go there by four way, to the question, should we say everything in a couple? The answer is no.


Well, you can well imagine that now we are going to develop all this a little bit! First of all, know that in the opinion of many psychotherapists, it is important, and even essential to keep your garden secret. By saying everything within his couple, without hiding anything, one takes the risk of hurting the other. Your partner (or yourself) can sometimes hide his injury well, which will gradually turn into resentment, and which will hurt the couple in the future. Not every truth is good to tell, especially everything that belongs to the order of the intimate… It’s up to you to see on the one hand, if you are ready to talk about it, and above all, if you think your spouse is ready to hear it! #say everything to each other in a couple

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Thus some questions, especially concerning the previous relationships of the other, are often asked only to reassure oneself, and to ensure the love of his spouse for us. But it’s double-edged, some truths can be hard to hear! So if a woman asks her man if he has had any adventures with women prettier than her, the latter will be tempted to tell her that he has not. Because even if it is false, it is not what matters, what matters is that he loves his wife, and that thus, it is she that he finds more beautiful and more charming today. This is why small “useful” lies here and there can be used. But they do not threaten the balance of your couple, as long as you feel free to discuss and exchange within your couple.

But agree on the matter! (say everything to each other in a couple)

Of course, you might sometimes find that the other does not confide enough in you, that he/she is too secretive. Talk to him about it, but never try to force his own life. Just tell them how you feel about their attitude, and try to understand it when they tell you about it.

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It is a delicate job that it is up to each couple to do: that of finding their balance. Some couples have a very developed secret garden, others tell themselves absolutely everything (or at least that’s what they say). The most important thing being that both partners agree with the situation, feel comfortable and free to talk or not. Otherwise, things must be changed as soon as possible!


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