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Mauricio Manieri return to the stage with the show Classicsin São Paulo, in Bradesco Theater. Recently, with the return of Covid-19 cases, Plano São Paulo returned to the yellow phase and, therefore, for better public safety, Mauricio Manieri's show will take place from 8pm, complying with all health protection protocols. pandemic. The show will take place at December 9th and, unfortunately, tickets are already sold out.

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Above all, Maurício Manieri is one of the greatest and most respected Brazilian artists and presents the DVD show Classics. The project was recorded in mid-November 2019, at Teatro Bradesco, during the night, with tickets completely sold out and special guests, such as Chitãozinho & Xororó, Daniel, Alexandre Pires, Jon Secada, Gilbert and Ivete Sangalo.


The celebration of the musician's decades-long career was marked by a lot of emotion on stage and off. “It is the culmination of work that I have been developing for years. Classics is the translation of what I like to sing. I lend my interpretation to great songs that have marked my life and career.”celebrates Manieri.

See one of his hits below:

(Video: Reproduction/YouTube)


In the show's repertoire, renowned hits from Manieri's career were presented, such as My Girl, Well Wanted, If You Want to Knowas well as pop, national and international romantic classics such as Easy, how are you It is Angel.

A few months ago, the singer underwent a catheterization. The responsible medical team diagnosed the obstruction of two coronary arteries. Manieri has made an excellent recovery, according to doctors, and is gradually resuming some commitments. Therefore, while the show is still recovering, it must maintain all pre-established safety standards.

“It will be wonderful to be on stage again. I will celebrate my life alongside my fans. This show marks a very special moment”celebrates Manieri.

Furthermore, fans who are looking forward to this new performance in the capital of São Paulo will be able to check out a sample of this exciting show by Manieri Manieri, this weekend. The singer also starred a presentation that took place this Friday (04), which was broadcast live on TV Bandeirantes and BAND FM 96.1.


Furthermore, through the official channel de Manieri on YouTube, the public can check out musical news, releases and live broadcasts. Throughout the period of social distancing, while the DVD has not yet reached stores, the musician made a point of maintaining contact with his audience and delivering new content to the delight of his fans. In fact, the songs are now available Home, Mandy, It's Too Late, All Out Of Love, I Love Loving Youwith the participation of singer Daniel, You owe me a kiss with the participation of singer Ivete Sangalo, Just Another Daywith the participation of singer Jon Secada. In addition to these songs, they were also released Angels, Hunt and Hunter, Take A Look At Me Now and Classics.

(Featured Photo: Maurício Manieri. Reproduction/Advisory)

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