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Signs toxic relationship

Toxic people are not necessarily manipulators or narcissistic perverts. There are many more! We have all known a toxic person in some way or another. I think of two “friends” in particular, those people who come into our lives like a virus and insidiously screw it up. One thing is certain: you can’t feel good about a toxic person. So here are 7 signs that prove that your partner is toxic and that you should get away from it!


7 signs that prove that your partner is toxic

1/ Toxic people seek to enhance themselves… By all means

A toxic person always wants to be at the top of the bill, no matter how they do it. She has no empathy and will always put her needs before yours by trying to make you believe otherwise. (Signs toxic relationship)


Often, they “pick” you up when you go wrong, posing as “Saviors.” In reality, they are doing good to themselves. As soon as you get better, they will jealous of you and put you down in front of or behind your back.

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Also, while most people remain modest about their qualities, toxic people regularly put them forward. Seeking to prove that they are great and amazing, they want to prove to the world that they are the best. Either by putting yourself forward, or by belittling yourself.

2/ Toxic people like hyperboles

They cannot make a sentence without using an “always” or a “never”. They are exaggerating most of the time and use and abuse the “Haaaaannn it’s not true!”; “You have always hurt me”; “You never considered me”  (Signs toxic relationship)

In the face of these accusations, because they are for the most part, you find it difficult to defend yourself and feel a deep unease.


3/ Toxic people lie and do not assume

Toxic people have a rather disturbing facility to lie. Even if we have the proof in front of her eyes that she was there at that precise time, she will deny, saying that it is not her in the photo.

And, if she ever finally recognizes that it is indeed her, she will justify herself by inventing lies sometimes as big as a house. Leaving his interlocutor stunned.

4/ Toxic people are hypocritical (Signs toxic relationship)

Honeyed in front of people, they do not waste a second to take them down as soon as they have turned their backs. Toxic people have a real need to demean the people they frequent, always to enhance themselves.

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If, for example, your partner is toxic, he will not bear to hear your mother say “The neighbor’s son is adorable, in addition he has a golden job”. Where most people would not even have noticed, he will talk to you again in the evening. And will say bad either to the son of the neighbor that he does not know, or to your mother who talked about it.


5/ Toxic people put themselves in the position of victim

Nothing ever goes well in the lives of toxic people. That is the basis. That is often how they attract compassion and how they manage to catch people in their nets.

Toxic people complain for a yes or no,this is one of their ways of putting themselves forward and attracting attention. (Signs toxic relationship)

Unable to acknowledge their wrongs, one negative thing will always happen through the fault of another. A break? It’s because of the partner. An error at work? This is because of the N+1

6/ Toxic people are never satisfied

Nothing is ever good enough for toxic people whose expectations are often extreme. No matter how hard you can to make them happy, they will only see the tiny black task.


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They will always complain that you are not enough like this or too much like that, without ever questioning themselves.

7/ They have no fixed friends (Signs toxic relationship)

Inevitably, toxic people struggle to keep lasting relationships because people eventually understand their scheme. Thus, they go “from friend to friend”, tirelessly repeating the same process.

Every year/ two years, they change groups of friends. At first, these new friends find them absolutely great, then very quickly, disillusioned.


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