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Sociable Soccer 24: Football without Sameness
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Let's talk about the new competitor in the area of ​​football games: Sociable Soccer 24. If you've gotten bored of realistic games like EA Sports FC, this one is that delicious fast food you've been looking for. And look, it's as chaotic and fun as it looks.

First, it's worth saying that Sociable Soccer 24 is the creation of Jon Harethe genius behind the 90s classic Sensible Soccer. If you don't know Sensible Soccer (and also Microprose Soccer, which I think only I played in Brazil), Maybe you also don't remember what it was like to play arcade games while your older brother dominated the machine next door.

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Hare made magic in the 90s and now brings that magic with a modern twist. The game sells itself as the spiritual successor to the classic, but wait, Sensible Soccer It will always have a special place in the hearts of those who lived through the golden era of the 90s. Sociable Soccer isn't that great, but it isn't bad either.

The game came out last year on Steam and recently arrived on Switch, the version we are analyzing now.


Smell of Nostalgia with a Modern Touch

If you picked up the game expecting realism… forget it. Here what matters is simply accepting that any shot from midfield will cover the goalkeeper, like that, out of nowhere.

Remember how difficult it was to dribble in Sensible Soccer? Any sudden change and the ball would slip away. In Sociable Soccer 24, the ball seems glued to the players' feet. They run slower too, but that's just style, it doesn't ruin the fun.

Career Mode and the Card Saga

Career mode here is… different. Think FIFA Ultimate Team mixed with PES Master League and seasoned with a mobile gaming chimichurri. You start with a team of strangers and need to climb the ladder by winning matches and unlocking new player cards. And if you don't like the player you took, you can sacrifice him to improve another player of the same position or nationality. Who never wanted to make a human sacrifice at a football game, right?

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World Mode: Breath of Fresh Air

If this whole Career mode mess doesn't appeal to you, World mode is here to save the day. Choose from several real tournaments (with fake names, of course), select your favorite team and go win trophies. There are 78 trophies to win, so there is a lot to do. And the best part: this mode can be played offline. Perfect for those moments on the bus or subway.


A Sea of ​​Teams and Players

Here's something impressive: Sociable Soccer 24 there is a ridiculous amount of teams and players. There are 237 international teams and 1,195 club teams from around the world. Okay, the team names aren't real, but who cares? The game features a lot of real football players, and it's actually a very naughty but clever tactic: they put players like Vini Jr on a team that looks like Real Madrid, with a real shield, city and even uniform, but it's not Real Madrid but something else. Genius. The Sociable Soccer legal team is very smart.

Nostalgic Camera

On the Switch, it runs smoothly, the graphics aren't that great compared to FIFA or PES, but they're decent. Do yourself a favor and set the camera Sensible Soccer style, with a view from above. Nostalgia will hit harder than a Roberto Carlos foul.

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  • Decent arcade gameplay
  • Ridiculous number of teams and tournaments
  • Players' real names
  • Guaranteed fun in local multiplayer


  • Career mode could be more interesting
  • Team and tournament names are not real

Final Grade: 7/10

Sociable Soccer 24 It's like that fast-food burger you find after getting tired of fancy restaurant dishes. It's fun, fast and full of nostalgia, with decent graphics. It's football for those who can't stand the sameness of 'realism'. Yes, it has its flaws, but at the end of the day, it delivers what it promises: pure arcade fun. If you are a football fan and are nostalgic for the old 16-bit days, and want something different from realistic games, this is the game for you.


Sociable Soccer 24: Football without Sameness

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Sociable Soccer 24: Football without Sameness


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