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Toke Makinwa comments on the feud between tiwa savage and Seyi shay

Toke Makinwa, a Media Personality in Nigeria drops few words on how to maintain healthy relationships in friendship.

She however emphasizes on the “Speak Your Truth” theme in the circle of friendship.

Toke Makinwa reiterates in almost every portion of her post saying,

“I have been the friend that condoned bad behaviour in the past until it was done to me.”

She involves her fans to speak the truth in any relationship, even if it seems uncomfortable at some point.

She describes such act of standing up for oneself as a sign of maturity. According to Toke, friendship isn’t always about the good times but also learning to speak the truth even when the other person’s feel uncomfortable with it.


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In her preceding post, Toke Makinwa encourages people to avoid explaining themselves and resist having the urge .

In her words, this was necessary in order to save your peace and people who claims to love you and truly do, wont have a reason to.

Toke Makinwa says,


“Resist the urge to explain. Those who love you don’t need a reason to love you and those who don’t will never believe you anyway, catch yourself before you start to ro ejo unnecessarily, save your peace. Let whoever think whatever, just keep doing you.”

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In short, Toke Makinwa emphasizes everyone being authentic, being true to themselves irrespective of the circumstances. Toke involves everyone to hold their truth in friendship and not being double-faced.

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