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Super Mega Ultrawatch in Overwatch 2
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Speak up, Overwatch heroes! Prepare your backpacks and gather your best skills, because the 11th season of Overwatch 2, titled Super Mega Ultrawatchis coming with everything on June 20th!

Blizzard is bringing an avalanche of news, including the arrival of Ashe Calamity Empress, new legendary skins, and more. Let's take a look at what's coming!

Face the Calamity Empress Ashe

The villain of the moment is Ashe Empress Mythic Calamity, who arrived to create terror with his faithful companion BOB. Players will have to join forces to defeat this evil duo and prevent them from taking over the world. Will Ultrawatch's teamwork be enough to defeat the Empress, or will she turn everything to ashes?

PlayStation VR2 Players Will Be Able to Access Games on PC

New Mythic Rewards

Be the villain you always wanted to be with the Season 11 Premium Battle Pass. Ashe Empress Calamity is mastering dark magic and promises to leave her mark on the battlefield. Players can unlock this Legendary skin by collecting 50 Mythic Prisms and customize with three additional settings. Oh, and don't forget Reinhardt's new Mythic Weapon Skin, arriving on July 23rd. Just imagine channeling the fury of a demon with every hammer blow!


Super Mega Rewards in Premium Battle Pass

Celebrating All Heroes

More than 100 million players have already answered the call to play Overwatch 2! To celebrate this incredible milestone, the beloved visual Mercy Rosa is back, and all profits made will go to Breast Cancer Research Foundation. So, you know: help a noble cause while rocking the battlefield with your pink look.

Community Made Mode

Community Made Mode is back, and players' favorite creators have been recruited to bring innovative ideas to heroes. Get ready for hot, explosive changes and new strategies to dominate the battlefield.

Earn Free Rewards

Join the Season 11 party with a series of event challenges to advance the Battle Pass. Play up to 40 games (wins count double) and get the offer Aztec Shadow, which includes a festive Legendary skin, name card, and spray. And don't miss your chance to earn up to 40,000 Battle Pass XP!

Palworld developers are facing difficulties with cheaters

Exclusive Drops on Twitch

Follow your favorite content creators on Twitch to earn new community-created cosmetics. Watch from June 20th and unlock the spray Letter to the Wind from Kiriko and the view Hanzo Nihon Epic. And there's more, from June 25th to 30th, win the icon Cute Pink Gold Mercy designed by community artist Dani Ellis.


Explore the Runapasi Peaks

Make your way through the new Advancement map Runapasi, a city hidden high in the Peruvian Andes. Stroll through the markets, visit the Inti Warrior Historical Monument and Museum, and watch out for battles near the cliffs. Runapasi will be available in Quick Play and Competitive modes starting with the launch of Season 11.

Hero Mastery for Kiriko and Soldier:76

Sharpen your kunais and improve your aim with Hero Mastery training to Kiriko It is Soldier: 76. Take part in new challenges from June 20th to July 9th and earn new rewards and up to 22,500 Battle Pass XP.

News and Improvements

Season 11 brings a series of improvements to many of the heroes in all roles. Cassidy is swapping out the Magnetic Grenade for a new and improved Flash. Thanks to community feedback, the Colosseum Breakthrough map glass has been removed, allowing for more intense fights in the streets of Rome. Completing weekly challenges is also easier, with new, more accessible weekly milestone rewards.

Like a Dragon: Ishin gets combat demo on consoles and PC

So, you know: get ready for lots of action and fun with Season 11 of Overwatch 2. Want to know more? Check out all details on the official blog and be ready to face the Calamity Empress!


Super Mega Ultrawatch in Overwatch 2

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Super Mega Ultrawatch in Overwatch 2

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