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Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble: Rolling and Laughing
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Who knew that putting a monkey in a transparent sphere to run through a crazy maze would be so cool? That's the summary of the Super Monkey Ball series. I remember when I played the game for the first time on the late PlayStation 2. Good times!

Imagine that same little monkey in this wonderful era of 4K OLED TVs, inside a ball rolling through levels full of obstacles and bananas.

Now add colorful graphics, smooth gameplay and a bunch of hilarious multiplayer modes. This is the Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble, the latest game in the Super Monkey Ball series, developed by SEGA. It seems simple, right?

But get ready to challenge your dexterity and patience, because this game is anything but easy!


Get ready for the Adventure of Monkey and the Legendary Banana

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Beware the Camera: She Has a Mind of Her Own

If you've ever tried to control a camera that looks like it was programmed by a chimpanzee, you'll feel right at home with Banana Rumble. The camera can be slow and frustrating, especially when you need to see where you're going. After all, this mess is also part of the game. But hey, nothing that a little tweaking of the settings can't solve. And if you suffer from motion sickness, get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions – literally. Play with the motion sickness options, there are several available in the settings for you to test, so you don't turn your room into a sea of ​​motion sickness.


Multiplayer Mode: Laughter and Chaos Guaranteed

The real charm of Banana Rumble is in the multiplayer modes. Play locally with up to 4 friends or online with up to 16 players. It has everything: racing to catch bananas, passing bombs (because nothing says fun like blowing up your friends), and destroying giant robots. Each mode is a new way to sabotage your friends and laugh out loud at the consequences. And no microtransactions! It's a miracle these days, but all customization items can be purchased with points earned in the game.

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Psychedelic and Retro Look

Banana Rumble's graphics are a visual treat, with colorful worlds that range from deserts to concerts full of neon lights. Each level looks straight out of an 80s arcade, with vibrant colors and imaginative design. If you like a retro look that feels straight out of the 80s, you'll love what this game has to offer.


Running on Nintendo Switch

For Nintendo Switch fans, Banana Rumble is a fantastic experience. The gameplay is smooth, the graphics are stunning, and the game runs perfectly on the platform. It's a delight to play in both handheld and TV mode, ensuring you can take the rolling monkey fun anywhere.

SEGA Pass: Adding Stars to Monkey Adventure

And as if rolling around in a giant ball wasn't crazy enough, SEGA decided to up the insanity level with SEGA Pass! With this DLC, you can play as some of SEGA's most iconic characters, including Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy. Yes, the world's fastest blue hedgehog can now roll around in a ball, collecting rings instead of bananas. Additionally, Axel from Crazy Taxi also makes a splashy appearance, bringing all his madness from the streets to the rolling sphere.


SEGA Pass adds a total of six new playable characters and 15 SEGA-themed style items, completely transforming the gaming experience. Each character comes with unique attributes that can be very useful in Adventure and Battle modes. So if you're a long-time SEGA fan, this DLC is a true love letter to the company's classics.

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  • Colorful and fun graphics
  • Smooth and accurate gameplay
  • Hilarious multiplayer modes
  • Customization without microtransactions
  • Retro and psychedelic visuals


  • Sometimes frustrating camera controls
  • Steep difficulty curve

Final Grade: 8/10

Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble is a refreshing and fun addition to the series, combining new elements with the classic gameplay that fans love. Even with some camera issues and the difficulty curve, the game offers hours of fun, laughs and challenges. With a multiplayer mode that is pure chaos and stunning visuals, Banana Rumble is a game worth checking out. Just don't expect an Oscar-worthy story. And who cares? It's the best game in the franchise so far, for sure.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble: Rolling and Laughing

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Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble: Rolling and Laughing

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