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“Surprising News for Gerao RBD: No todo est dicho”
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On the afternoon of this Friday (20), Anahi signed on one of the official accounts linked to the RBD on twitter “Not everything is said”, warming the hearts of fans with new announcements, which is to come about the reunion tour “Soy Rebelde”. The eternal Mia Colucci also left a message for her fans on Instagram Stories.

“Infinite gratitude to so much love due to our great news! We are still in shock! Just thinking that we will be together again!!! AND CAAAALMAAAA! Not everything is said!”he wrote.

After 15 years without band activities and several unsuccessful attempts at a reunion on stage, the band finally managed to announce the dates of the new tour. This Thursday (19)the dates scheduled for Brazil were announced, leaving fans not very satisfied with the number of shows that have been confirmed so far.


Photo: “Latinos in the USA” new dates have been added.(Reproduction/Instagram)

After the countdown on the RBD website reached zero and the tour dates became available, fans questioned the number of shows that will be held in Brazil as it is a country where there is a stratospheric proportion of fans, the disagreement does not only come from the quantity, but from the The fact that the United States gained 21 dates on the tour route, the questions are due to the fact that the band is not as popular in the North American country.

After a worldwide commotion, the legion of fans started the movement called “Brazil Deserves More” with the aim of gaining new dates on the tour, in addition to the possibility of other Latin American countries joining the concert route.

The RBD generation, fans of the Mexican band are positive that new shows will be announced in Brazil, in addition to those scheduled for São Paulo and Rio Janeiro and also in the expectation that new countries in South America will be added.

Video: A magical year awaits us.(Reproduction/Instagram)

Fans can't wait for the new news that the actress and singer Anahi promised on Twitter, we will only be speculating about the release of an EP or even an album with new songs debuting a new repertoire journey that will begin in August in the United States, so that the surprise will be even better, fans are waiting for a documentary, which has been promised for years.


The shows will be held on November 17th, at Allianz Parque in São Paulo, and November 19th, at the Nilton Santos Stadium (Popular as 'Engenhão'), in Rio de Janeiro.

Featured Photo: Poster for the new “Soy Rebelde” tour.Reproduction/Facebook


“Surprising News for Gerao RBD: No todo est dicho”

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“Surprising News for Gerao RBD: No todo est dicho”

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