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Suzy Cortez, a former Miss Bumbum , decided to help raise awareness about the pandemic of the new coronavirus in a different way: she did a sensual test with masks to warn the public about the danger of contamination by the virus.

She, who has been a huge success on the OnlyFans platform, has posted on her social networks some photos showing herself posing with surgical masks, aiming to encourage people to use the safety item to prevent themselves against the disease.

“I did this test to detonate those who go out on the street without a mask. Today, wearing a mask is an act of love and respect for the lives of others and we have to obey not to sacrifice more people and take this hitchhiking virus around. Wake up guys! Covid kill! “, said Suzy in a statement on the subject for the column by Fábia Oliveira, of the newspaper” O Dia “.

Suzy cortez

Suzy Cortez
pandemic awareness Suzy Cortez

In March, Suzy claimed to have developed a picture of depression after being hacked on Instagram. “I have no ground! The depression has taken me over with such injustice,” said the model at the time.

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In addition to mental health, Suzy’s income was also hurt, as she also used her Instagram profile as a job. “My Instagram was also one of my sources of income. I am devastated, without courage and almost without strength,” she said.

Suzy Cortez

But I will not give up, my lawyers and I will continue to fight for justice!.



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