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Teamfight Tactics Turns 5 and Brazil Wins Celebration
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Attention, fans of Teamfight Tactics! The game is turning 5 years old and Brazil will have a special celebration with the participation of influencers and former football players. League of Legends. A 5th Anniversary Party It's already happening on global servers and it's full of news and rewards for everyone.

In Brazil, this party will be in the best Brazilian style, with lots of fun, lives and that good nostalgia. There will be videos with the most unbeatable comps from each set, lives with the names that made history in the game here and, of course, giveaways for everyone.

To participate, just keep an eye on social media about the game. From today until July 15th, you can redeem daily rewards, unlock birthday-themed cosmetic items, try out the new game mode Pingu Party and enjoy all the news about the event.

Smalland: Survive the Wilds now available in version 1.0 for PC and consoles with the Tyrant's Perch update

Rewards and Cosmetic Items

  • Daily Rewards: Log in every day to accumulate Treasury Emblems and rescue new loot. After 9 days of logging in, you will earn 500 Treasure Emblems and, after 10 days, you will unlock the “Time to Celebrate” emote.
  • Event Pass: Earn EXP with the free pass and redeem coins, Star FragmentsTreasure Emblems, Strategists and Emotes.
  • Strategists and Booms: Customize your game with new Strategists, including Little Legends It is Chibi Champions. We will have new skins for Pingu, such as Birthday Pingu, Tristana Pingu Cosplay It is Yasuo Pingu Cosplay. And don't forget Booms to customize your damage effects!

Game Mode: Pingu Party

This new mode mixes two features from each of the 10 previous TFT sets. Traits give special effects to your teams, and you can expect to find:

  • Set 1 – Beta: Imperial, Phantom
  • Set 2 – Rise of the Elements: Mountain, Glacial
  • Set 3 – Galaxies: Mech Pilot, Rebel
  • Set 4 – Destinations: Elderberry, The Boss
  • Set 5 – Contestation: Devil, Witch
  • Set 6 – Trinkets and Gadgets: Socialite, Yordle
  • Set 7 – Draconic Lands: Coach, Escamaluz
  • Set 8 – Monsters Attack!: LaserCorps, Mascot
  • Set 9 – Runeterra Reforged: Shurima, Bilgewater
  • Set 10 – Musical Battle: Disco, Jazz

Easter Eggs and Surprises

And it wouldn't be a birthday party without some surprises, right? Keep an eye out for Easter eggs and treats spread throughout Aronguejo and Carousel. There are lots of cool things to discover during the party!

Where You Can Become a God Slayer

A Christina JiangSenior Product Manager at TFTsent a special message: “We are very grateful for the support of players around the world. We have one of the most dedicated and friendly communities in gaming. I hope everyone feels honored and appreciated during the 5th Birthday Party. We appreciate the continued support of all TFT players and will continue to collaborate with them to make TFT the best game it can be.”

So, guys, let's celebrate these 5 years of TFT in style! Don't miss this epic party and enjoy all the news.


Teamfight Tactics Turns 5 and Brazil Wins Celebration

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Teamfight Tactics Turns 5 and Brazil Wins Celebration


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