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in love or how to make your couple last

Many ask me: How to make your relationship last? There are some basic rules like knowing how to break the routine from time to time. But also accept routine and habit. Respect each other, trust each other, communicate, look each other in the eyes, say words of love… But there is also a very important rule, called the 2-2-2 rule, which I’m going to talk about today.


Where does the 2-2-2 rule in love come from?

The 2-2-2 rule was invented by an American internet user under the pseudonym of Ckernan2. His 2-2-2 rule has made the rounds of the web and we thank him for this beautiful gift offered free of charge to all couples!


Why the 2-2-2 rule in love? (in love or how to make your couple last)

Ckernan2 explained on the Reddit forum that love was amazing when a relationship began. Butterflies in the belly, sparkling eyes, hearts that beat the chamade, body in perfect symbiosis. And then laugh at everything and nothing, not seeing the defects of the other so much his qualities hypnotizes us, spend days in bed without needing anything other than him/her. In short, total ecstasy! I invite you to read my article on the steps of a couple if it is not already done.

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The internet user then explains that once this phase of love passion is over, the routine always ends up settling in. We then enter what is called the phase of opposition in the couple. That moment when defects begin to take over qualities. Where we ask ourselves questions like: “but why did he/she love me anymore” “Why does he/she do this… »? (in love or how to make your couple last)

It is at this point very often that feelings take a hit. Does love really last 3 years as Beigbeder said? In any case, this is often the time when couples separate. Unless we apply the 2-2-2 method!

What is the 2-2-2 rule in love? (in love or how to make your couple last)

The goal of the 2-2-2 rule in love is obviously to make your couple last as long as possible. How?


According to the American internet user Ckernan2, it would be necessary to provide:

  • A one-on-one outing in love every 2 weeks
  • A romantic weekend every 2 months
  • Holidays of at least one week every 2 years

Hence the 2-2-2 rule! (in love or how to make your couple last)

A restaurant, cinema, concert, theater, walk or other every two weeks. A weekend in Normandy, in Lille, in Paris, in Marseille or wherever every two months. And a good week of holidays (abroad is even better!) every two years.

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Be careful to respect the 2-2-2 rule! (in love or how to make your couple last)

I already see you coming: A week of vacation every two years? Pffouuaa! But finally, it is not so simple to hold this rule of 2-2-2, especially if you have children!

Because whether we are talking about the one-on-one outing, the weekend or the holiday week, Ckernan2 insists on the fact that you must be two and only two! No children, no family, no friends…



At the moment, my darling and I do not have children yet and we do at least one one-on-one outing a week, one weekend every 4 months and once a beautiful holiday abroad (we leave 15 days by road trip every winter in a distant country).

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