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This is what really happens when you go out with a co-worker

Who has never fantasized about having a relationship with a co-worker? Meetings in the workplace are indeed inevitable, since we spend almost a third of our days there.

But living a romantic relationship as part of the work will upset your daily life, and it is better to be prepared for what will happen. Are you hesitant to be tempted by a romance in the office? That’s all you need to know about what really happens when you go out with a co-worker.

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Everything becomes super exciting

Living a secret relationship with a co-worker is a situation that can reach its climax in terms of excitement. All the ingredients are there to make you fantasize: the secret, the adrenaline, the transgression, the fear of being unmasked… all bathed in the scent of the forbidden! The work environment is simply aphrodisiac!

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You can suddenly be confronted with new situations, such as finding your heart beating in unusual places or discreetly sending you small messages with very personal connotations.

Of course you are at work and your relationship should not make you forget to work or disrupt your productivity. But it goes without saying that these little asides will bring their share of spice to your days.

This is what really happens when you go out with a co-worker

Your productivity reaches its maximum

Moreover, it would seem that far from affecting your efficiency, this new relationship boosts your performance. Before you were eager to leave work to meet your friends or go out with your date of the moment. Today, you are less reluctant to stay a little later when a meeting drags on or to close a super urgent file.


And even if your darling is not with you or finishes earlier it doesn’t matter, you don’t feel like you’re lacking. Because all day long, you were able to tame him (her), smell his perfume when he (she) passed nearby, exchange small messages, brush your hand or make you some discreet winks … in short you were able to enjoy his presence while working!

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Besides at the moment you love your work, you have a boost of energy and full of ideas to develop the box! And your results suffer. Your boss also congratulated you for your commitment.

We metamorphose into a secret agent.(This is what really happens when you go out with a co-worker)

Of course, you are not agent 007 in the service of the crown, but still! By dating a colleague, you become a secret agent in the service of an equally noble cause, your romantic relationship!

And to preserve your secret, you need to sort out a little with the truth. And coordinate your words! There is no question of both recounting the great holidays you spent together in the Canaries. You will have to embroider, distort the truth a little, or even lie outright.


But let’s see the positive side. Thanks to this secret relationship, you become imaginative. You develop improvisational skills and learn to control your composure. We will not go so far as to put it on his CV but it is still very useful!

but watch out for double agents (This is what really happens when you go out with a co-worker)

You live a nice relationship with your loved one. But despite your greater discretion you have let slip some small clues that could lead a particularly attentive mind on the trail of your secret relationship. Moreover, it seems to you that some people, whose reputation as gossips is well established, speak in a low voice in your path. Colleagues have recently asked you a whole bunch of pretty intrusive questions about your privacy. Your chef also mentioned “gossip” circulating about you without specifying the content…

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In short, everyone begins to suspect your secret and you feel cornered. You are not comfortable with this inquisitive atmosphere, and sometimes feel like you are being spied on. Some people push you to confide in them and you hesitate, you doubt their sincerity.

You get to that point where this secret is starting to weigh you down. You wonder how long you will be able to hold out without betraying yourself and start wondering if it would not be easier to assume your relationship. Anyway, consult with your partner before making your decision.


This is what really happens when you go out with a co-worker

In the end, if you’re fantasizing about a colleague, already know that you’re not alone. According to a study, 50% of employees project this type of daydream on their colleague. But before you take the plunge and move on to the dark side of the force,give yourself a moment of reflection. Are you really ready for what’s going to happen to you? 

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