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Top Chef – Great news in this month of May 2022. A former candidate of “Top Chef”, who even emerged as the big winner of his edition of the M6 competition, announces that he has become a father. His beautiful wife gave birth to their first baby. A photo of the child and his first name are revealed.

The Top Chef family is growing! Indeed, one of the winners of the famous M6 culinary contest is dad for the very first time. It was on social networks that he announced the beautiful news, with a very first photo of his baby.

This is Samuel Albert, who won the tenth edition of the program in 2019 against his great sidekick Guillaume Pape.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022, the young chef of 33 years takes to his Instagram account. In story, he announces the superb news. It is in image that Samuel Albert shares his happiness. In this photo, an adorable little baby appears bundled up and asleep.


Near his pretty boil, a green diaper and a pink and white blanket. “Martina, mi vida,” the happy dad wrote in the caption.

The faithful subscribers of michel Sarran’s former candidate discover the sex and the name of baby: it is a little girl named Martina who is already making the heart of her dear father beat.

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Top Chef: A winner dad for the first time, photo and nice name!

Top Chef

For her part, the young mother also gave news. Still on the social network of sharing images, the beautiful Monica published a first shot of her child. This is the same image that her husband has already broadcast.

In legend, the pretty brunette specifies the name of her daughter and gives a new information: her date of birth.

If the couple speaks on May 17, 2022, in reality they discover the joys of this new life with three for several days. Indeed, the very cute little Martina was born on May 10, 2022.


This beautiful news comes four months after the announcement of the pregnancy of the beautiful. On Instagram already, the couple had taken the pose. He had appeared in a white kitchen jacket signed Les Petits Prés, his restaurant located in Angers.

At his side, Monica had displayed herself in a black top and gray skirt molding her pretty well-rounded belly. “Happy to share with you the best news for 2022,” Samuel Albert wrote. From now on, it is with three that they continue their way.

Top Chef

Top Chef: A winner dad for the first time, photo and nice name!




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