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Trick questions in a couple

Do not tell me that you have never had to deal with these questions, which at first seem innocuous but whose answers can change the course of the world. So what to say, what to do, how to recognize them? Here are some examples of trick questions:

Honey, don’t you think I’ve gotten fat?

Typical trap question, whatever you say you will be considered a soulless monster that wants to harm him.



What to answer: (if it’s true)

Opt for cash: “Yes it’s true but with everything we eat at the same time you did not expect to lose a size reassure me »

Opt for clumsiness: “Yes maybe a little but hey it’s temporary, right?»

Opt for wickedness: “It’s not a matter of weight, it’s a matter of cellulite”.


If you don’t want to be killed: “But no my darling I can’t find it, and even if you got fat, I would still find you as beautiful.”

Who is the girl you ate with? ( Trick questions in a couple )

Another typical trap question, especially if your friend is used to being a little jealous. She will ask you this question with the little eyes of the Hat and if you do not answer immediately she will throw you a “no but it does not bother me at all, I just want to know”.

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Whether you answer that you ate with your former colleague, a friend or your ex, the consequences will be almost similar: words higher than others, irritation, screams that are not worth it. You can also be with a nice woman and no headache who will just be happy for  you (unless it is with your ex that you ate).

If you don’t want to be killed: “I ate with Mélanie, my former colleague, she doesn’t beautify with the poor age” or “I had lunch with my cousin” (risky).


How many girls did you sleep with before me?

The answer she hopes for: “You are the first and last my Love”. But hey, eh, she’s not stupid, she wasn’t born from the last rain and she too had other partners.

Tell him the truth (if you remember). And, if you want it to make its little effect, here is THE sentence that will cheer him up for the next 10 hours: “With 13 girls, but before either I made love in a purely physical way, like gymnastics if you want, or in a sentimental way but I was bored . It was only with you that I was able to combine the two and it’s an explosion. Thank you for making me discover this. »

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Was it your evening with your friends last night? ( Trick questions in a couple )

You loved your evening, you turned your faith and head all night, your friend Martin still vomited on the sofa of the VIP square and it was really funny… Except that your friend is waiting for a “No, I got bored without you, I feel like a void when you’re far away and then you know, guys’ parties like that, I’ve passed the age”. (If your friend is really waiting for this answer, it is absolutely necessary to make her read the article “how to be happy as a couple” and make her go out with her friends so that she realizes that it is super nice to go out from time to time separately and that it is healthy that you have a good time with your friends. Would she like you if you were a slippery tv football fan?

If we separate, we will remain friends huh?

Very often, this sentence comes from a certain emotional blackmail. Your friend expects a pronounced reaction “but finally we will not separate, you are the love of my life and you will remain so”.


Typical answer: “No, we will not remain friends because I could never be friends with someone I am in love with. And I’m in love with toi.”

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If you want to break up gently on the other hand: “Of course we will remain friends, you will remain an important person for me after all that we have experienced”. ( Trick questions in a couple )

Do you give me your Facebook password?

She would obviously like you to answer her with a big smile “but of course my dear, I have nothing to hide”.

Except that it is OUT OF THE QUESTION that you give it to him! Otherwise you sign a contract of useless disputes for nothing. It is important to have your space, it does not have to know your whole life.


Answer him: “I have absolutely nothing to hide from you, if you don’t trust I can show you my Facebook. But I want us to trust each other, I don’t need to know your passwords to know that you are not hiding anything from me and I would like it to be the same on your side. »

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