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Ubisoft Launches XDefiant and Turns Its Franchises into a Mess
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Ubisoft, always innovating (or not), has just launched the long-awaited game XDefiant, a free, fast-paced arcade shooter. Okay o subtitle I gave that slightly exaggeratedbut you will understand throughout the text…

Developed by Ubisoft San Francisco, the game is a true mashup of the most beloved franchises (or tolerated) from Ubisoft and is now available for free download on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

To download XDefiant, click here and start to wonder what happened to originality.

A Recycling Parade

After a series of beta phases and open testing, all players can now enjoy XDefiant's pre-season content, which includes:

  • 14 maps inspired by other Ubisoft games (because creating new maps is overrated).
  • 5 factions inspired by other Ubisoft franchises (with one more being able to be unlocked or purchased, of course, because nothing is free except the game).
  • 24 weapons (many of which you've seen in other Ubisoft games).
  • 44 accessories (because accessories are the soul of the business).
  • 5 devices (yes, you read that right, devices).

Choose your Faction… Recycled

Players can choose between one of five factions inspired by Ubisoft franchises:

  • The Cleaners (The Division) – Yes, because everyone wants to be a post-apocalyptic cleaner.
  • Freedom (Far Cry 6) – Revolutionaries who still didn’t understand that one game was enough.
  • Echelon (Splinter Cell) – Because no one knows what to do with the Sam Fisher (aka Ubisoft, please use the money you will earn from this game and bring it back urgently).
  • DedSec (Watch Dogs 2) – Hackers who still think they are badass and relevant.
  • Phantoms (Ghost Recon Phantoms) – Because canceled games also deserve a second chance.
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Game Modes: Arena and Linear

Because just a mess wasn't enough, XDefiant features two game modes: Arena and Linear.

Arena Modes:

  • Domination: Control three fixed zones. Yes, it's basically King of the Hill by another name.
  • Occupy: Control a zone that moves periodically. Basically King of the Hill with more steps.
  • hotshot: Kill enemies and collect tags. The player with the most tags becomes the HotShot, becoming visible on the map and gaining a giant target on their back.

Linear Modes:

  • Zone Control: The attacking team tries to secure five zones while the defenders prevent it. Basically the same as always.
  • Escort: Take a package to its final destination while defenders try to stop it. The innovation here is surprising, isn't it?

Bright and Seasonal Future

After the pre-season, XDefiant will feature seasonal content, including a new faction (plus recycling), three maps, three weapons and more surprises. Ubisoft promises to keep the game fresh with new additions every season. Because who doesn't like a game that never ends?

For more information about XDefiant or to To receive updates in the future, click here. And get ready, because Ubisoft always finds a way to surprise us… or not. Okay, it's free, go there, download it and then make a YouTube video complaining about the game, if it's bad, ok?

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Ubisoft Launches XDefiant and Turns Its Franchises into a Mess

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Ubisoft Launches XDefiant and Turns Its Franchises into a Mess

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