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Uruguay defeats Panama in their Copa América Group C debut
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On Sunday night (23), at 10pm Brasília time, Uruguay and Panama faced each other at the Hard Rock Stadium, in Miami (USA), in a match valid for the group stage of the Copa América, in Group C.

In a busy game, “La Celeste”, which is seeking its 16th title in the competition, debuted with a 3-1 victory, this was the teams' first clash in the CONMEBOL Copa América.

Celeste superiority and great goal

The first moments of the match featured a courageous Panama with great intensity, trying to open the score and marking well against the Uruguay team, who in turn supported this impetuous moment from the opponent and took chances on goal with attempts from outside the area.


In the 15th minute, Maximiliano Araújo received the ball from Matias Viña with some freedom on the left side and risked a left-footed shot from outside the area. Goalkeeper Orlando Mosquera, a little advanced, could do nothing; the ball went in the drawer and died in the back of the net. Uruguay 1 to 0 Panama.

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Embed from Getty Images

Uruguay celebrates the first goal of the match (Reproduction/ Gettyimages Embed)

Uruguay continued attacking and almost expanded with Arascaeta who headed the ball and the goalkeeper blocked it, on the rebound Ugarte tried to score, but was blocked.


The game was faulty, which prevented the flow of the clash. Celeste dominated the actions and did not let Panama take the lead, notoriously superior in offensive clashes, owning the main opportunities. However, he suffered from inaccuracy in his shots on goal.

Panama different in the second half

Panama got excited and confidently attacked the Uruguayan team, spending more time in the attacking field, putting pressure on and forcing Internacional's goalkeeper Rochet to make important saves. Just like in the first half, Celeste failed to finish and missed many opportunities to increase the score.

Apparently much lower compared to the first half, the Uruguayans did not demonstrate the same performance and control of the match in the second half. The opponent was more courageous and insisted on the attack, but was faced with a lack of quality to convert opportunities into goals.

In a moment of inattention from the Panamanian team and a series of wasted chances in the 39th minute, Darwin Núñes, after a cross from De La Cruz, took advantage of the ball left at the edge of the area and scored a firm left shot, extending the score for Uruguay. Uruguay 2 to 0 Panama.


In the 45th minute, Celeste increased the score with Vinã, who took advantage of De La Cruz's great cross and headed the ball into the goal. Uruguay 3 to 0 Panama.

Panama didn't give up on the game and in the 48th minute they scored their goal of honor with Amir Murill, and what a beautiful goal, in the last play the right-back, cuts to the middle and sends it with his left-hander into the back of the net. Uruguay 3 to 1 Panama.

Embed from Getty Images

Amir Murill's celebration for the beautiful goal (Reproduction/ Gettyimages Embed)


The match was marked by the excellent chances created by both teams, despite the score, in the second half Panama was the team with the greatest volume and strength in the attacking field, overcoming its technical difficulties and surprising with a performance above expectations.

Uruguay defended a lot and managed to value and improve their finishing at the end of the game, converting the good chances created into goals, demonstrating their technical superiority and why they are one of the favorites for the title.

The statistics corroborate the dynamics of the game: Uruguay x Panama – Shots: 20 x 10 and Shots on Goal: 7 x 3.

Group C standings and schedule

With the results of the first round, Uruguay and the United States added the first three points and occupy the positions of leader and vice-leader, respectively, while Panama and Bolivia have not yet scored, in the same order they are the last two.


Next Thursday (27th) in the second round of the tournament, Panama will face, at 7pm, the host United States. Uruguay faces Bolivia at 10pm, Brasília time.

Featured photo: La Celeste celebrates its first victory in the 48th edition of the Copa América. Reproduction/GettyimagesEmbed.


Uruguay defeats Panama in their Copa América Group C debut

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Uruguay defeats Panama in their Copa América Group C debut


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