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V Rising on PS5: Everyone Wants to Be a Vampire

V Rising on PS5 is that game that lets you live out the fantasy of being a super-powerful vampire, like Alucard from Castlevania, but without needing to hide from the daylight. Lie, you have to hide…

Instead of sneaking around trying to seduce people or avoid wooden stakes, here you wake up in your crypt and set out to dominate the world. Like, being a vampire for centuries? Easy!

Beginning of the Adventure

You start by dusting off centuries of dust and preparing to rule. In the cemetery, you will learn the basics by killing skeletons, zombies and catching rats for a snack. Gather some bones to make a sword and soon you'll be harvesting wood, leather, copper and stone, unlocking new crafting recipes at every step. It's like a Minecraft like vampires, but much more stylish.


Building Your Castle

Eventually, you'll choose where to place your Castle Heart, which is where your magic happens. Feed it Blood Orbs, which drop from almost everything you kill, and this will allow you to build and power industrial tools like sawmills and forges. The idea is to grow up to become a vampire god with a giant castle and an equally imposing necklace, ready to take over the world. It's as if Count Dracula had a construction company.

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But be careful where you place your Castle Heart. Do not explore the place and the result well? A bunch of giant spiders in your garden every time you go out look for the newspaper. Yes, my friends, vampire life also has its gotchas.

Solo and PvP Mode

Playing alone, V Rising is an isometric action RPG with survival elements. But if you opt for a PvP server, be prepared for other vampires to invade your castle and steal your loot. Either way, you will hunt special targets, such as powerful beasts or vampire hunters, who will provide unique recipes and materials. A blood trail makes it easier to track these targets, and you gain special bonuses depending on the type of blood you drink, increasing attack speed or damage mitigation. You can even transform into an animal to travel faster! It's like a blood buffet with several different flavors.

In fact, this 'opening a server' thing is very interesting, I felt like I was in the 2000s again.


Sol Challenges and Controls

Being caught in the sun can be fatal, and you'll need to run to retrieve your items. Surviving during the day requires the ability to move from shadow to shadow. But here's the problem: the controls aren't that good. You can't adjust much and the default layout is a bit complicated. Apparently this is one of the problems with the adaptation coming directly from the PC. Seriously, it looks like Count Dracula messed with the controls just to mess with you.

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Other Portability Issues

It seems that the game was ported to the PS5 in a hurry. The texts in the construction part are very small and a bit difficult to read, which shows that a little more care was needed in this part. But honestly, nothing that ruins the fun of the game.

Customizations and Options

You can customize practically everything in V Rising. Not only your castle, which can have up to six floors, but also your server settings. You can adjust almost everything, from the length of the day to the starting level and the amount of resources you can carry. It's like a personalization buffet where you can choose everything, from the seasoning to the dessert.

Game Evolution

Launching in early access on PC in 2022, V Rising surprised everyone with his success. Now, on June 11, 2024, it arrives on PS5, offering a complete vampire-centric action, RPG, survival, and open-world experience. It's as if the gang Diablo and the vampires of The Witcher they had had a son and he had decided to dominate the world.


Gameplay and Progression System

Real-time combat V Rising remembers the style of Diablo. You start with a basic attack, but soon gain dashes, spells and special abilities. It's an RPG, so getting better equipment and using skills strategically is essential. Progression is guided by an objective system, rewarding the player and introducing mechanics gradually. No feeling overwhelmed.

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You need to drink blood from different creatures to survive and get benefits. And yes, the sun is lethal, and enemies with garlic and silver weapons are a problem. His vampiric powers increase, allowing transformations and recruitment of subjects. It's a true vampire festival! If you've ever wanted to be Dracula or Blade, this is your moment to shine (but not in the sun, please).


  • Addictive progression system
  • Wide range of construction and customization possibilities
  • Dynamic and strategic combat
  • Immersive vampire theme


  • Poorly adjusted and poorly customizable controls
  • Small texts in the construction part
  • Lack of a more robust narrative

Final Grade: 8/10

V Rising on PS5 it's just as addictive as on PC. It's a fantastic game that delves into power fantasy, allowing you to build a colossal citadel and spread terror. Whether playing solo or in PvP, V Rising offers something for every vampire and survival fan. If you want to be the next Dracula, this game is for you. Prepare for many sleepless nights (literally) as you build your vampire empire.

V Rising on PS5: Everyone Wants to Be a Vampire

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