Manaus provides 71 vaccination points for covid this week

vaccination points for covid

 vaccination points for covid – Manaus City Hall announced that it will make available, between Monday (06) and Friday (10), 71 vaccination points for covid-19. The opening hours of the units will be extended until 8 pm and the addresses and information about vaccination can be checked through the Manaus City Hall website. The municipal secretary of health provided updates on vaccination and for children and adolescents in the region, in addition to encouraging booster doses.

vaccination points for covid

 vaccination points for covid

Vaccination against Covid-19 in Manaus (Photo: Reproduction/Semsa)

Vaccination of children will receive important updates, as according to the holder of the Municipal Health Secretariat (Semsa), Shádia Fraxe, the pediatric Pfizer is again available for children aged 5 to 11 years. She also stressed the importance of going to receive booster shots, both adults and children.

According to the Municipal Vaccination System (SMV), 604,398 people have not received the third dose and 473,302 people have not yet received the fourth dose. “It is important to point out that the fourth dose is released for immunosuppressed adolescents. And anyone aged 18 or over, in this condition, is also released to receive the fifth dose of the vaccine against Covid-19”, clarified Shadia.

More about childhood vaccinations

To avoid losing vaccine doses, which last up to 12 days after each bottle is opened, vaccination for children aged 6 to 12 months will remain in the four main reference units of the municipal health network in the region:

    • UBS Áugias Gadelha, at Rua 15, s/nº, Conjunto Ribeiro Júnior, Cidade Nova I neighborhood, North Zone;
    • UBS José Rayol dos Santos, at Avenida Constantino Nery, s/nº, Chapada neighborhood, Centro-Sul Zone;
    • UBS Deodato de Miranda Leão, at Avenida Presidente Dutra, s/nº, in the Glória neighborhood, West Zone; It is
    • BS Alfredo Campos, at Alameda Cosme Ferreira, s/nº, in the Zumbi neighborhood, East Zone.

Featured photo: Image of vaccination against covid – Playback/Pixabay

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vaccination points for covid

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