Virgínia Fonseca becomes the target of controversy after launching her foundation line We Pink

Virgínia Fonseca


Virgínia Fonseca  – Last Saturday (04), the digital influencer, Virgínia Fonseca, announced her newest launch in the beauty market: the We Pink baseline, the influencer’s own brand. The company that already has some cosmetic items like serums and perfumes now has a makeup line with the first product being a foundation. “Here begins a new cycle: makeup! You can trust, We Pink came to increase your self-esteem and enhance your beauty”, he wrote in the product launch post. However, shortly after the announcement came the negative impact on the product: internet users began to question its value and the veracity of what is proposed in it, as well as the presentation of the item.

Virgínia Fonseca foundation

“Virginia base costs R$200.00!!! Imported base price, guys, that’s it…”posted an internet user on twitter.

The questioning of the price is due to the product having values ​​equivalent to products imported from already consolidated brands. The comparison between the prices of products is due to the fact that cosmetics that are imported from outside Brazil undergo tax taxation, reaching approximately 55% of the final value. As it is a national product, there is no additional requirement.

Another user of the TikTok network, known on her page as “Carla at work” talks about technical analysis. Carla is an expert in marketing and, in her video, she explains why there was confusion over the price of the Virginia base. Check out:

@at work Virginia Fonseca’s foundation hit the market for R$199. And what’s the big question surrounding the influencer’s we pink foundation? her own brand, which does not communicate luxury, but sells its products at prices similar to cosmetics in this market. #wepink #basedavirginia #basewepink #wepinkvirginia original sound – carla at work

Carla At Work (Reproduction/TikTok)

On the question that the product brings with skin care during its use, the brand informs that the product was formulated with vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and vegetable squalane, however, when observing the list of ingredients, it is possible to notice that the components are in last place in the sequence, which means they are compounds with lower concentration in the formula.

In defense, Virginia went on her networks to pronounce: “If I have conditions to do that, I do. Or do you think that an imported product is cheap? I’m going to launch products with imported quality, yes, and keep going! Our foundation is not just make-up, it’s dermomake. Our foundation takes care of the skin, that’s the difference”, wrote in posts on his Instagram stories.

Karol Resende, a professional makeup artist and highly regarded in the field of makeup on social media, also analyzed the product and in a video explains the veracity of the foundation’s proposal with her professional analysis. Check it out in the video:

@karolresendee That was MY perception! I hope you like it and it is useful for you #wepink #basevirginia original sound – Karol Resende

Karol Resende (Reproduction/TikTok)

In a statement to Glamor magazine, We Pink’s press office sent a note reinforcing the company’s position regarding the foundation: “We launched our wepink foundation with incredible features, such as: high matte coverage, with a comfortable effect, water resistant, a velvety texture and excellent hold. In addition to all these benefits, the base formulation contains dermatological actives well known for helping the skin of those who use them, we have carried out all the relevant tests for the ANVISA classification.

As the term dermo make is not a regulatory classification by ANVISA, but a commercial appeal used by the market, we used it in the campaign as a commercial strategy for the brand. A strategy that is already used throughout the Brazilian market to inform when the products contain in their formulation actives used for skin care, that is, that help in the aesthetic part and help in skincare.

Webink Development Department”

Featured Photo: Virgínia Fonseca:Reproduction/Instagram)

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Virgínia Fonseca

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