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What are the behaviors of an unfaithful man?

You notice that your lover has changed, he is not the same for some time. You put this down to overwork, back to school, work, but as time passes you do not notice any change. You’re starting to get an idea that’s all over your mind: “Is he wrong with me?” So what are the behaviors of an unfaithful man? Let’s see the warning signs that could alert you.

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The behaviors of an unfaithful man that should alert you

1.His phone is his best friend.

At the beginning of your meeting, he never looked at his phone since you were by his side. But as time passes you notice that he has become addicted! It is grafted to his hand H24. When he drops it is the time of a few seconds without leaving the eye. It may be that it is the new Iphone 11pro but still …. You wonder if there are not secrets hidden there. The test would be to ask him to lend it to you because you have forgotten yours. If he gives it to you without batting an eyelid it’s ok but if he offers you to make the phone number himself: it sucks!


2. One of the behaviors of an unfaithful man is the fact that he returns later and later

At the moment you did not pay attention to it because his job takes a lot of time and investment. However, it has to be said that he is returning more and more late. Whether it’s meetings, reports, courses or anything else… He always has a good excuse. And that’s one of the behaviors of an unfaithful man who should put the chip in your ear.

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3. He has the wrong first name

Over the course of a conversation, he called you by another first name. But apart from his mother, his daughter or his sister … another first name obviously sounds like a clue to dig. If he continues to make a mistake and call you “Julie” during intimate moments: you have to take out the warning!

4. It’s got colder and colder (What are the behaviors of an unfaithful man?)

You realize that you are kissing less and less. Your reports tend to space out more and more. When you try to talk to him about it he pretends that he is tired and apologizes flatly for quickly changing the subject. Your attempts at rapprochement try to reap failures after failures despite your efforts. When a couple can no longer get closer it is because there is a concern and it becomes very urgent to talk about it to defuse the problem.

5.C’s the roller coaster

He changes his behavior like a shirt: that’s all and its opposite in one day! Would he be guilty? It is no longer as before and becomes the shadow of its shadow. It’s like you’re bothering him!


6. One of the behaviors of an unfaithful man is that he becomes flirtatious

Another of the behaviors of an unfaithful man. Only yesterday he never wanted to do the shops and there he does the sales . He buys a new perfume without telling you about it. He redid his wardrobe for no reason. Monsieur becomes more flirtatious than you! If you find yourself in this situation, try to see if you do not smell the scent of another woman. If the perfume tends to come back regularly it is because it is time to alarm you.

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7.Il improvise a weekend with his friends without inviting you

He decides on a whim to leave with his friends. Strangely you are not invited … It is not his habits because usually he asks for your approval while there, it is as if you do not exist.

What should you do?

The 7 behaviors that we have just revealed to you are clues to alert you. If your feeling becomes more and more present and you have the feeling that there is a risk of deception: It will be necessary to talk! We recommend:

  1. Provoke communication by talking about your feelings!
  2. Have the answers to your questions
  3. Be reassured about your impressions

What are the behaviors of an unfaithful man?

If not, there is a problem! Your man is supposed to reassure you otherwise you have to be on alert. It is necessary that you feel serene otherwise your well-being will be compromised. You can always look for answers by searching your phone or hiring a private investigator, but what’s the point? From the moment your heart feels in danger it is a sign that your couple is on the wrong slope (unless you are prone to strong jealousy, basic). Whatever your decision, you must always make sure to preserve your happiness. It is out of the question to stay in a relationship out of habit or hope for change.

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