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What are the best and worst things about current games and the old ones?
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A topic that has been circulating on the internet is precisely the question in the title: “What are the best and worst things about current games than those of the past?”being a question with many variables and difficult to reach a conclusion.

After all, in what sense would each era be better?

What was different in the past?

  1. Simplicity: Thanks to more rudimentary technology, unintentionally the games were also simpler, generally consisting of running and jumping in a side view, or having a top view in the case of RPG games. As a result, the gameplay of old games tended to be more intuitive, as it was not necessary to learn many commands and movements;
  2. Focus on gameplay: Current games focus a lot on the complete experience, almost like an interactive film. In the past, games were more focused on gameplay, and in many cases the story was practically non-existent or just in the manual;
  3. Creativity: the limitation of resources itself ended up making developers “extend themselves” to be able to put into practice what they had in mind, resulting in more creative games;
  4. Difficulty: It's not news to anyone that the old games were, for the most part, more difficult than the current ones. This was a way to make adventures last longer, given that nowadays it is possible to create easy games that last many hours;

What's different today?

  1. Realistic visuals and cutting-edge sounds: If in the past the graphics were in pixels and developers had to “dodge” the technical limitations of the consoles as much as possible, nowadays this is not necessary, as it is possible to have a super sophisticated look and entire orchestrations;
  2. DLCs, expansions and updates: Considered a double-edged sword, extra downloadable content can further expand game content, in addition to giving developers the opportunity to correct errors that have been missed over time;
  3. Online multiplayer: if in the past the multiplayer mode was limited to a maximum of four people locally, today you can play with people from all over the world in the most different types of games;
  4. Accessibility: technology has also democratized games, since nowadays anyone who has a computer with internet access can have access to old and current games and download them with one click;

Based on these assumptions, the conclusion that old games were better or that today's games are better is subjective and varies according to the preferences of each player. If in the past games were more challenging, today they are naturally more extensive; If in the past games were simple, today we can have highly complex adventures. You're the one who will decide what's coolest.


What are the best and worst things about current games and the old ones?

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What are the best and worst things about current games and the old ones?

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