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What is a healthy romantic relationship?

At first everything is beautiful and perfect, we understand each other and we love each other as if it were the first time. But past the butterflies in the belly and the passionate phase we must face the evidence: the differences create discordances. Welcome to the opposition phase of the couple. This is where we end up entering a relationship made of pretense, chimeras and lies. The couple ends up looking like a masquerade of which we are the puppet! Still, it is possible to have a healthy romantic relationship if one respects the 5 basic principles.

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1. communication for a healthy romantic relationship

What is a healthy romantic relationship

The majority of people do not know how to communicate. We think that talking is enough to make a relationship work: it’s wrong! Communicating well in the couple is taking the time to understand the logic of the other. You have to be able to be empathetic by putting yourself in your partner’s sneakers in order to understand his reality. Everything that is not said will be known sooner or later so we might as well communicate on all subjects. You may disagree, be angry and not understand what your partner is saying, but you owe it to yourself to be open to listening and understanding. This is the one and only way to make your union last.

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What is a healthy romantic relationship

It is often said that we should not say everything in the couple: I think that is wrong! We can say anything to ourselves, but there is the way to say it. If you accumulate frustrations and disagreements, you will look outside for the person who will accept you as you are. By dint of misunderstandings we become hard of hearing! We enter the disease (bad said) and we plunge into an endless abyss.


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