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What is emotional dependence, Present in many relationships, emotional dependence represents a danger for the couple in the long term. Source of pain and misunderstandings, it can then bring it to its end … But what is emotional dependence? What are the symptoms, and how to get out of it?

When addiction rhymes with suffering

When you suffer from emotional dependence, you do not realize your own inner value. In doing so, you seek the approval of others, and their attention to give meaning to your worth. You therefore depend on others (their opinions, their behaviors, their looks) to make your choices, thus becoming a victim of their good will… 

Emotional dependents suffer from an inferiority complex that spoils their existence at all levels: difficulties in making personal decisions, taking responsibility… To be emotionally dependent is to unconsciously want to find our own value through the eyes of someone else, which will make us feel important ( What is emotional dependence )

To hide this discomfort, some adopt behaviors that do not resemble them, including aggressiveness, in order to give the change, to hide their discomfort and their weaknesses. These behaviors actually seek to fill a gap.


lack of recognition, attention, love that often originates in the childhood of the person concerned… Parents too absent, too hard, not expressive enough… The causes can be many!

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What is emotional dependence

How do I know if I suffer from emotional dependence?

  • Do you live only by and for your sweetheart?
  • Would you be willing to do anything for him/her, to keep her with you forever?
  • Are you excessively jealous? Are you constantly worried that he/she may leave you?
  • Do you feel a constant need to please people?
  • Do you easily deny your identity? What makes you who you are, for the benefit of what others desire?

So, it is probably that you suffer from emotional dependence: your love has turned into addiction. Making your friendly and especially romantic relationships unhealthy. It is indeed important to go beyond the stage of fusion within a couple: otherwise, contrary to what you want, you could scare away your love .

You cannot and should not make yourself dependent on a single person, because you are never safe from a breakup… Which will be highly destructive to you! A couple can only last if it rhymes with freedom! (What is emotional dependence?)

How to get out of it? ( What is emotional dependence )

Exit! See the world! Let yourself and your couple breathe! Spend more time with your friends. Besides, you had probably moved away from it! Keep and maintain your social life! 

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Not everything should revolve around your couple. So do this work in depth on yourself. Manage your emotions, and don’t be constantly in the extremes


Recognizing that you suffer from emotional dependence is an important first step! But you don’t have to stop there. Learn to find yourself, take time to refocus, find yourself, and learn to love yourself for who you are. Regain your self-esteem! Your entourage surely finds you many qualities, learn to tame them, to recognize your true value, without comparing or defining yourself in relation to others!

Know how to learn that a romantic relationship is never there to fill the emotional lack that you may feel. So identify the cause of this lack, to do this, do not hesitate to consult a specialist. What is emotional dependence

Recognize that what attaches you to the other is not only love, but also a simple fear of losing them. Learn to find in yourself what you are desperately looking for from others: be one of the sources of your happiness rather than going to seek it from those around you.


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