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What men like to be told
There are many articles dealing with the art of complimenting women. But a little less about men! And yet, men love compliments at least as much as women, and hear pleasant things! Similarly, I could quote you more than a dozen songs extolling the merits of one or more women, while for men… I would be very sorry to mention three of them! Here is an article that reveals what men like to be told:


What men like to be told:

That you believe in him

Arguably one of the most important things a man likes to hear! I don’t know a guy who doesn’t like to hear “I believe in you”/ “I trust you”, and all its various variants… Really, when a man hears this from a woman, it gives him the feeling of being able to tip mountains!

Here are different variants to tell him: (What men like to be told)

  • Of course you will manage to get this job /this promotion, you have talent, you work hard, and it shows. I’m so proud of you!
  • Although you may have in mind, I know you will get there, you always get there!
  • You have already accomplished so much in your life, I am sure that you will continue on this path and that you will manage to achieve much more!

That you like its appearance (What men like to be told)

For sure, society puts us less insecure about our appearance than it can unfortunately do for women… But for all that, men are always taking compliments about their physique! And you don’t have to be an apollo to receive compliments

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Here are different variants to tell him:

  • You are very beautiful.
  • Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said you’d get into bodybuilding! We can already see the results!
  • You’re super cracking in your suit!
  • You are so beautiful when you laugh…
  • Even when you wake up, your hair in battle, you are devilishly canon!

That you recognize its value (What men like to be told)

Everyone likes to feel recognized for the efforts they make. And men are no exception to the rule! So show him that you notice and appreciate what he does for you, even the mundane little things of everyday life! No need to make tons of them, but a small, well-placed sentence here and there can make all the difference.

  • Thank you very much for cooking tonight, I really appreciate it, and in addition it is delicious!
  • I love the way you always behave with respect.
  • I noticed that you had done all the dishes, it’s really caring, it touches me a lot. Thank you for your kindness and prevention.
  • I loved seeing you having fun with our kids this afternoon, it was so lovely. It makes me smile to see you flourish together.

That you respect it

Respect is the pillar of all relationships, we  can never say it enough So show your man that you respect him as much as he respects you!

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Here are different variants to tell him:

  • I’m so proud of you
  • I have so much respect for you
  • You get better a little more every day, and I love it!
  • It surely took you a lot of courage to admit your wrongs, I really admire the fact that you have succeeded, because I know that it is not easy.
  • I really like the fact that you are attentive to others and their needs, it makes you strangely very attractive!

That it makes you feel (What men like to be told)

Show him that he does not leave you completely indifferent! Without making tons of them, know how to show him your attraction to him. Show him that he provokes reactions and emotions in you! Ideal to maintain the desire and passion within the couple…

Here are different variants to tell him:

  • You always manage to make me smile, even when things are not going well
  • I can’t help but blush when you look at me like that.
  • Your eyes are so captivating that I could get lost forever!
  • No one before you had ever been able to put me in this state!!
  • I love being in your arms so much, I had never felt so safe and so good.

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