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way of holding hands reveals about your couple

When you’re in love, you often hold hands when you’re walking around. But we don’t all do it the same way! So here’s right away what your way of holding hands reveals about your couple.

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1/ Intertwined fingers (way of holding hands reveals about your couple)

If both partners exert the same pressure and the fingers are intertwined, it means that there is a very strong connection within the couple. The relationship is based on trust. With this position of the hands, all the fingers and both palms touch each other. This proves that the couple has a great need to be bonded and to feel the contact of the other. We can therefore see a relationship based on passion.

Conversely, if one of the two partners exerts much lighter pressure than the other, this shows his distance from his partner who tries by all means to bring him back to him.


2/ One hand covers the other

way of holding hands reveals about your couple

There are two ways to analyze this posture:

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This can be a sign that there is a great deal of trust between the two partners and that the couple has found a good life balance. It also shows that the romantic relationship is based more on tenderness and affection than crazy love passion.

However, this position of the hands can also be interpreted as the manifestation of insecurity or even a desire to control the other. The person whose hand covers the other is afraid of losing his partner and, by holding his hand in this way, reassures himself.

3/ Hold hands… by a finger!

way of holding hands reveals about your couple

No, this does not mean that your couple is not solid, quite the contrary! This shows a great complicity and even a great seduction within the couple! Indeed, both partners let themselves be free while being faithful, even if they are independent, they really love each other.

4/ When only one of the partners holds the hand

way of holding hands reveals about your couple

When only one of the two partners holds the hand of the other, passively, it shows the will of one to do only one with the other while the other explicitly shows its distance. So here we are in a relationship where one wants its independence while the other clings like a mold to its rock.

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